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There are many good reasons to self-drive around Namibia, but it is a good idea to come prepared and that's where we come in. At Gondwana Travel Centre we have years of knowledge regarding what to see, when to see it, Namibian road conditions, accommodation establishments, campsites, car rental and anything else you may want to know about. We will help you plan your self-drive route and will recommend (and book) accommodation in Namibia, organise the rental car you require, and generally take all the hassle out of the planning process. Planning other peoples self-drive itineraries is the favourite part of our job; as it gives us an outlet for all the knowledge we have accumulated.


Park Entrance Fees

A daily entrance fee is payable at all National Parks throughout Namibia. Generally these fees can be paid at the office inside the park. However for the northern part of the Namib Naukluft Park (Welwitschia Drive, and the campsites around Bloedkoppie, Tinkas and Hobas) your permit needs to be pre-purchased as there is no office or permanent staff situated here. This permit can be purchased in either Windhoek or Swakopmund (at the NWR or Ministry of Environment & Tourism Offices) or at the NWR office at the Sesriem camp site.

Self Drive Tours FAQ

Below are some questions that clientele often ask with regards to our self drive tours.

Why Join a Camping Safari?

There are many reasons to joining a camping safari but for many people one of the primary reasons is that these safaris allow you to really experience the 'outdoors' nature of the country. Evenings spent under the stars in a remote location are what true Namibian memories are made of. Other reasons may include locations, some places in Namibia can not be visited without staying in a tent; and of course these trips add to the general sense of adventure.

What If I'm not an Experienced Camper?

Not to worry - you need no previous experience to join. Your guide (and in some cases the camp assistant) will help you put up your tent and gently ease you into the entire experience. This is not slumming it, you will have camping chairs, mattresses and tables.

Can I Rent My Car Elsewhere And Book Just The Accommodation/Tour With You?

Ofcourse, however we can offer excellent rates for our car inclusive packages, we understand that you may already have a preferred car rental agency that you enjoy working with.

Can I Customise My Trip Or Do I Have To Follow Your Itineraries?

Our Travel Consultants are here to help you plan the vacation according to your needs and preferences. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for on our website, let us know and we will customize an itinerary that is a trip that's specifically tailored to your interests, schedule, and budget. Even when your appointed Travel Consultant has sent you a suggested itinerary and prices, feel free to keep on coming back to your advisor with changes until you are happy with your final itinerary.

What About Support While I Am Travelling?

We are based in Namibia, and you will be able to contact us and speak to your Travel Consultant about any matters that arise during your trip. We have an after-hours / weekend support number so there is always someone to offer assistance.

Are Self-Drive Tours in Namibia Safe?

Namibia is a very safe destination to travel to. The biggest challenge new travellers to Namibia face is taking to our gravel roads. However, stick to the rental company’s instructions and the legal speed limit and all will be well.

Why Do Most of The Itineraries Start / End In Windhoek?

The majority of our clients arrive and depart Namibia via the Windhoek International Airport; hence it makes sense that itineraries end there. Of course, we can custom design itineraries to start and end absolutely anywhere.

What About Neighbouring Countries?

We specialise in Namibia, and it is what we know best. We do however realise that many of our clients would like to add short trips to the Okavango or Victoria Falls to their holidays and are well placed to do this.

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