The Caprivian People

About 100 000 Caprivians live in north eastern Namibia along the Kwando and Zambezi rivers in the Caprivi Strip. The capital of this area is the town of Katima Mulilo but most Caprivian gain their living from fishing and cattle farming.

Caprivians are derived from five groups; the Lozi, Subia, Yei and Mbukushu. Until late in the 19th century the Caprivi was under control of the Lozi Kings. The Lozi are the descendants of the Kololo Kingdom which was initially from the Free State area of South Africa. In about 1838 they crossed the Zambezi River and crushed the Loyi people who were living there.

In the wet season almost half the Eastern Caprivi is under flood water and the Caprivians traverse the region using their mokoros.

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