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Fly-in safaris

Fly-in safaris are a great way to see Namibia as they offer unparalleled opportunities for excellent photography, and are also the best way to fit in the vast spaces of Namibia into a shorter time.

Apart from the scheduled fly-in safaris listed on these pages we are also able to customise private charter flights, and design your own personalised fly-in safari. For more details on this service (or anything else to do with flying around Namibia) feel free to email us.

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Fly-In Safaris FAQ

Below are some questions that clientele often ask with regards to our fly-in safaris.

Why Join A Flying Safari?

On a standard safari, you spend a lot of time travelling form one destination to another; on a fly-in safari you will have a lot more time to take in the highlights of Namibia. Flying is the only way you'll see some parts of Namibia -- most parts of the Skeleton Coast Park and the Diamond Restricted Area are almost completely closed to ground traffic making a fly-in safari the only way to view these unspoiled, seldom visited, areas of Namibia.

What Can I Expect?

Due to their nature the accommodation used on flying safaris are generally from the upper end of the the quality scale. You will join the game drives and excursions offered at the lodges - so will not miss out on anything.

How Do I Choose A Safari?

On this page we have offered a sample of some scheduled fly-in safaris, however if you can not find exactly what you are looking for do contact us so that one of our consultants can advise you on a suitable package or even help put together your own customised trip.


As these safaris are operated in light aircraft there are severe luggage restrictions (for safety reasons). The exact restrictions will be explained to you during the course of your booking, but please ensure your luggage is not overweight - as overweight luggage can NOT be transported.

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