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Camping safaris

Guided camping safaris are an excellent way of getting around Namibia. The main reason for joining a guided tour is to take the hassle out of planning and arranging your holiday - if you are booked on one of these safaris you can just arrive, sit back while your guide helps you explore the spectacular country.

Camping Safaris FAQ

Below are some questions that clientele often ask with regards to our camping safaris.

Why Join A Camping Safari?

There are many reasons to joining a camping safari but for many people one of the primary reasons is that they allow you to really experience the 'outdoors' nature of the country, evenings spent under the stars in a remote location are what true Namibian memories are made of. Other reasons may include: budget as camping is much cheaper than staying in lodges; location, some places in Namibia can not be visited without staying in a tent; and of course these trips add to the general sense of adventure.

What Can I Expect?

All the safaris we offer include the services of a professional guide, who's knowledge will enhance your travel experience. All the necessary camping equipment, from tents to tea-spoons, is provide (although on some safaris you may be required to supply your own sleeping bag). Vehicles are well maintained and there is always a back-up service in the unlikely event of breakdowns.

What If I'm Not An Experienced Camper?

Not to worry - you need no previous experience to join. Your guide (and in some cases the camp assistant) will help you put up your tent and gently ease you into the entire experience. This is not slumming it, you will have camping chairs, mattresses and tables (frequently even small details like table cloths are provided).

How Do I Choose A Safari?

There is a fairly overwhelming choice of itineraries available - our Safari Planner may help you narrow down the choice. Often the dates you have available or the places you wish to visit will dictate which safari is best for you. If you're confused after looking at what we have on offer send us an email and one of our consultants will help you select the best safari (or combination of safaris).

Scheduled Departures?

The camping safaris listed on this page have guaranteed scheduled departures this means that even (in the extremely unlikely event) if you are the only person booked on the safari your departure is guaranteed. You can book your trip safe in the knowledge that there will not be a nasty surprise come the departure date.


For groups of 4 or more people we can customise a safari, either using one of these itineraries or designing something just for your you.

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