Dolphin Cruise

Experience the thrill of dolphins leaping out of the water alongside the boat, seals fed by hand, fresh oysters and cold champagne on the calm waters of the Walvis Bay lagoon.

This tour is very popular with visitors to the coast, as it shows them an area that the average visitor doesn't have access to. The entire cruise is done with ski boats in the protected lagoon area of Walvis Bay, where the water is calm and abundant with bird life.

Boats depart from Walvis Bay at 09h00 and cruise the harbour through to Bird Island, and then cut across the lagoon to moored Russian trawlers where inquisitive seals will swim up to the boats for something to eat. From there we head for Pelican Point where entertainment is provided by a large seal colony and schools of dolphins swimming alongside the boats. Dolphins sighted are the Heavyside (endemic to this area) and Bottlenose.

For the bird lovers, apart from seeing many flamingos, cormorants, and pelicans, there are common sightings of the White Chinned Petrel, Wilson's Storm Petrel, Cape Gannet, Black Oystercatcher and even the Jackass Penguin. Often as a bonus there can be sightings of huge Leatherback Turtles feasting on jelly fish, the massive 'Mola Mola', more commonly known as the Sunfish, as well as schools of Dusky dolphins.

Whale sightings are becoming more frequent, with the best time being from August to October.

The dolphin cruise can also be booked as a private charter for anything from 2 - 18 passengers. Aside from the fresh oysters and champagne charter cruises can also be booked to include a picnic lunch on the beach.

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