Sandwich Harbour Sailing Adventure

Geared for the sailing enthusiast, this adventure combines an overnight sailing excursion on a 40ft. single-hull sailing yacht on the Southern Atlantic with a 4x4 excursion through the dunes to a shipwreck located about 80 km south of Walvis Bay. A maximum of 6 persons can be accommodated in double bunks on the yacht.

We set sail at the Walvis Bay Waterfront at 09h00 headed for Pelican Point with its resident 60,000 Cape Fur Seals. On passing the Point, we head South along the shore to the Sandwich Harbour area, where we arrive late afternoon. On the way we may be joined by schools of Heaviside’s and Dusky dolphins, who often play at the bow of the yacht, while the odd Humpback or Southern Right Whale may be spotted. Birds likely to be seen include several species of Albatrosses, Petrels, Skuas, Prions, Fulmars a nd Gulls. Guests are invited to assist with the rigging of sails, the navigation of the course to Sandwich Harbour and general deckhanding.

Sunset will be enjoyed on board with sparkling wine and fresh oysters, followed by a braai on board. Early the next morning guests will be transferred to 4x4 vehicles waiting for them on the beach, ready to take them along the coast to the wreck of the trawler Shawnee that ran aground in 1976. En-route, we marvel at the spectacular lagoon of Sandwich Harbour, delve into its rich history and squeeze through narrow beaches where the dunes run into the sea, where we will observe Black-backed jackal and Cape Fur seals.

Lunch consisting of fresh oysters and sparkling wine, and an assortment of savoury and sweet snacks is served on the beach.

After lunch we head North to Walvis Bay for an exhilarating roller coaster 4x4 drive through the dunes to the Kuiseb Delta. The route will take us past the area’s typical fauna and flora. Animals which have developed ways to adapt to the desert include the black-backed jackal, springbok, oryx, brown hyena and ostrich. Endemic to the central Namib Desert, the !Nara plant has adapted well to the desert: Its tap root can reach more than 15m into the ground to reach water resources. We will be back at the Walvis Bay Waterfront at around 16h30

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All tours are led by experienced guides and well-qualified and experienced skippers.

The safety of our guests is our prime priority. We do a thorough safety briefing with our guests before they board the boat. On the boat there is another safety briefing, where safety procedures and the use of life jackets are demonstrated. Our catamarans have all required safety equipment and instruments, and are being surveyed thereon annually in this regard. This is a legal requirement by the Department of Maritime Affairs as prerequisite for the issue of our annual safety certificate. The survey includes checks on the required number of life jackets, all safety and firefighting equipment and the use thereof, life rafts, as well as the functionality of all instruments. Each of our vessels is equipped with radar, so we have situational awareness even in heavy fog conditions with zero visibility. Our vessels are also fitted with Em-Track tracker devices, through which each vessel is tracked at all times. Each of our seagoing staff has the Basic Safety and Security qualification by the Namibian Fisheries Institute, as well as a First Aid Qualification. As we are cruising in the Walvis Bay area, the maximum distance from land at any time during the excursion is never more than 4 Nautical Miles. During this time, all boats are reachable at all times on the general frequency (Channel 66), as well as the emergency Channel 16. We are also able to make contact with Port Control on Channel 12 at all times. We furthermore have cellphone reception throughout.



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