Palmwag Concession Palmwag Concession

Palmwag concession

Large private Concession Area in the heart of Damaraland

The Palmwag Concession is a vast conservation area of 5,500 km² situated in Damaraland in the Kunene region of north-western Namibia. This region provides habitat for a large variety of species, including rarities specifically adapted to the semi-desert conditions such as elephants, mountain zebra and giraffe. Even the amazing Welwitschia mirabilis can be found here; this extraordinary plant is endemic to the Namib Desert within Namibia and Angola and commonly referred to as a "living fossil".

With over 100 lions, cheetahs, leopards and brown and spotted hyenas Palmwag’s predator population is the largest outside the Etosha National Park. Birdlife is prolific and diverse, and most of Namibia's endemics are found here. The Palmwag Concession boasts of a healthy population of the legendary desert-adapted elephant and black rhino, and functions as the crucial core area in the region. The fascinating wildlife and the unique flora and fauna within the Concession attract visitors from Namibia and Southern Africa, as well as tourists from all over the world.

Damaraland is the home of the Damara people, a beautiful yet rugged African savannah landscape with rounded granite domes, table-top mountains and ephemeral rivers which turn into raging rivers after heavy summer rains to be quickly absorbed into underground aquifers. These veins of life are wildlife havens and highways where wild rhino and desert elephants roam. In dry summers the landscape is dominated by red stone and bleached grassy stretches in more abundant seasons, but as the sun goes down it softens into charming pastel beauty.

The Palmwag Concession, one of the largest concession areas in the world is managed by Palmwag Lodge and Camp, which belongs to Gondwana Collection Namibia. The Concession Area is located adjacent to the Skeleton Coast Park and surrounded by three Conservancies; Torra, Anabeb and Sesfontein, as well as the Etendeka Concession. A Joint Ventureagreement ensures that employment and training opportunities at the lodge and financial benefits from the lodge operations are shared with the conservancies and their communities.

Visitors to the Palmwag Concession have different accommodation options and can choose from a variety of activities, including rhino tracking, nature drives and hiking tours to explore the beauty and wildlife of Damaraland.

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