Visa Requirement For Namibia Visitors From Europe Applies From April 2025

28 Jun 2024

Citizens from countries that do not grant Namibians visa-free entry will require a visa for a fee from 1 April 2025. This was decided by the government in its consultation on the implementation of the new visa requirement, which was already announced a month ago see report on

Those affected who come from a country that is not a member of the African Union (AU) will pay 1,600 Namibia Dollar (currently around 80 euros) for the visa. This is slightly less than the 90 euros that a Namibian has to pay for a Schengen visa. For citizens from AU states, the visa fee is 1,200 Namibia Dollar (approx. 60 euros). There is no reduction for children.

From 1 April 2025, citizens from 31 countries that do not reciprocate Namibia's visa exemption will require a visa with costs upon entry (here at Hosea Kutako International Airport). These include Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA. 
Photos of the passports: Wikipedia.
Photo of Hosea Kutako International Airport: Sven-Eric Stender

You will be able to apply for visas online in advance. Applications on arrival will also be possible, according to the government resolution. The necessary form is to be merged with the existing entry form. The departure form will no longer be required in order to simplify the departure process and free up staff for immigration counters.

When the new visa requirement was announced a month ago, a list of 31 countries that "do not reciprocate Namibia's gesture of visa exemption" was published. These include Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as the Netherlands, France and Italy. Great Britain and the USA are also on the list.

Namibia's travel industry concerned about visa requirements

The government did not consult Namibia's travel industry before making its decision. The umbrella organisation FENATA is currently collecting objections from its members in order to change the government's mind. The visa requirement will only become legally effective when it is published in the Government Gazette.

The industry's biggest concern is that Namibia holidaymakers will be put off by the additional costs or the potentially time-consuming application and payment process. Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta responded to a corresponding question from the opposition by saying that he does not expect any significant negative impact.

Sven-Eric Stender

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