Travel Industry Tightens Precautionary Measures Against Crime

15 Sep 2023

After several robberies of holidaymakers, the travel industry has called for increased vigilance and tightened its precautionary measures against crime. Tourists were robbed of valuables such as laptops, mobile phones and cameras, especially in Windhoek and its surroundings, but also on the coast. Some incidents were also reported from the Zambezi region. However, Namibians were also affected. 

Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta urged concerted action. Members of the travel industry and neighbourhood watch groups should support the police erecting "a ring of steel to protect Namibia’s reputation as one of the safest destinations in the world". He said he was grateful to the travel company Gondwana Collection for their initiative to prevent criminal attacks. Gondwana will announce details next week at the official launch of the initiative. 

The Tourism Department of the City of Windhoek and the Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) recalled their comprehensive tips for holidaymakers to avoid unpleasant surprises such as service robberies or assaults. Most of these tips basically apply to any holiday destination. 


Safety tips 

Sightseeing / In the street 



Holidaymakers should activate roaming in Namibia in their mobile phones. Questions can be answered by the Tourist Protection Unit in Windhoek (telephone number 10111), and the number 112 is reserved for emergencies. 

Sven-Eric Stender 

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