Training Programme For Tour Guides Relaunched

21 Jul 2023

In future, Namibian tourists are to be guided through the country even better and more competently than before. The Namibian Academy for Tourism and Training (NATH) wants to contribute to this with many new training modules for tour guides.

The courses cover all topics of interest to visitors to Namibia. This starts with general country knowledge with aspects such as water and energy supply, agriculture or mining. And extends to the worldwide top topic of sustainability. Tourism also plays a pioneering role in the sustainable development of the country with its Eco Awards Namibia cachet.

Namibia visitors always mention the clear starry sky as one of their highlights. NATH has set up two courses that build on each other. In addition to the constellations of the southern hemisphere, such as the Southern Cross, guides should be able to explain astronomical findings to their guests. Namibia contributes significantly to the international exploration of space, not least with the H.E.S.S. telescope for gamma rays.

An exciting experience is also to explore the cities of Windhoek and Swakopmund with their suburbs. The NATH module 'City Tours / Urban Communities' imparts knowledge and practical experience, the latter in the form of a tour with an experienced guide through Windhoek and Katutura.

Other courses already planned in the initial phase of the training programme cover geography and geology, the history and birdlife of Namibia.


Training coordinator Waltraut 'Waldi' Fritzsche presents NATH's new course programme to representatives of the travel industry. Photo: Sven-Eric Stender


Each NATH module is led by a qualified expert. As training coordinator Waltraut 'Waldi' Fritzsche pointed out at the presentation of the training programme, NATH is accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).

NATH was founded in 1994, four years after Namibia's independence and the flourishing of tourism. During the Corona crisis, it had to abandon its office and reduce its training programme to a minimum. After the travel industry revived, NATH also took off.

What the institution means for the Namibian travel industry was shown at the presentation of the new training programme. The umbrella organisation (Fenata) as well as the associations of tour operators and car rental companies (TASA and CARAN) were represented, as well as Eco Awards Namibia, large companies such as Gondwana Collection Namibia and many renowned tour guides.


The new office of the Namibian Academy for Tourism and Training (NATH) on Robert Mugabe Avenue opposite the National Theatre in Windhoek. Photo: NATH


Sven-Eric Stender

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