The Old Fort Museum In Grootfontein Reopens

30 Jun 2022

The town of Grootfontein in north-central Namibia has regained a tourist attraction. The Old Fort Museum is now open to visitors again - as long as they inform the museum of their attended visit beforehand. It had been closed since the lockdown in April, two years ago.

Even before Corona, the number of visitors had been limited - not even 1,400 a year. Yet the museum is full of exciting stories. Like the story of the founding of Grootfontein. Or that of the Dorsland trek by Boers from South Africa.

Ox wagons and petrol pumps

You can also learn a lot about mining in the area. And about the farm economy. Exhibits bring past times to life before the visitor's eyes. Be it the ox cart, the lathe of a blacksmith and wagon-making workshop, a petrol pump or the telephone exchange.

Added to this is the ambience of the historic building. The Old Fort in Grootfontein was built by the Germans in 1896. Since 1983 it has housed the museum, which was founded by private initiative.

Because it is run by volunteers, the museum is not open all the time. So if you want to visit it, you should call ahead. Preferably a few hours in advance. Guided tours are available in German, English and Afrikaans.

The Old Fort Museum in Grootfontein. Photo: Ulli Prickett

Lunch and cake

Groups of six or more can request a special lunch or coffee with freshly baked cake in the inner courtyard of the fort. However, this must be booked at least one day in advance, preferably by email.

Lunch is the key word. Grootfontein is a good stopover, from Etosha National Park or from the centre to the north-east of Namibia, to the Kavango and Zambezi regions. But also as the destination of a delightful side trip: from Otavi or Tsumeb along the southern or eastern rim of the Otavi Mountains, with stops at the Thonningii Wine Estate and the Hoba Meteorite.


For information and registration:

Antje Rahn +264 81 477 1096

Helene Erasmus +264 81 654 5365

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