The Narrative – Recollect Your Namibian Experience Online

4 Dec 2020

The Narrative is Gondwana’s newest venture – our very own Online Store for authentically Namibian products curated by local artisans and craftsmen.  

The diverse product range has been carefully selected to reflect the wonderful Namibia along with all the different facets that make this country so unique. Our passion for telling stories as well as the wish to provide international guests with a way of recollecting their Namibian memories, led us to establish this platform 

While still in its beginning stages, there are already products from Tameka Design Jewellery, Gweri Vintage Collection and FIMBI Leather Art available for purchase. Other brands and suppliers are to follow soon 

As one of the first 100 online customers, you can get 15% off on purchases over N$500.00 (no shipping costs for clients in Namibia).  


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