A Rhino Rubs Itself Against Brand New Namibia2go Car

27 Jun 2019

Inke Stoldt 

They were spanking new and had just set off on their first trip through Namibia: the Toyota Fortuner siblings with the number plates N 209776 W and N 209775 W. By chance, the two cars were parked next to each other at a lodge in the Waterberg area - and the respective car renters got the shock of their lives. A grazing white rhino chose “to cuddle” with their rental cars and damaged the bodywork in the process.   

"When I got a call first from one renter and then from the other that their cars were damaged, I was stunned and angry," says Wandi van Hout, manager of the Namibia2Go car rental. "Now I can laugh about it. After all it was kind of a freak accident and also has a funny side. We named the two Fortuners Rhino #1 and Rhino #2."  

Meanwhile the two rental cars look like new again and are travelling the country as part of the Namibia2Go fleet. Their name stickers remind of the encounter with the rhino at Waterberg on their "maiden voyage". 

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