Omarunga Epupa-falls Camp - An Arid Land Of Milk And Honey

3 Jul 2020

Annelien Robberts 

A swarm of bees is on its way to its nest, which is a really amazing sight, since we are in the very dry Kaokoland in Namibia. The bees were moved to the campground at Omarunga Epupa Falls Camp by a beekeeper, who transferred the bees with great care to another place, which was suitable for both the bees and the campers. All the bees adapted very well and soon they were flying around again, covered with pollen. They play an important role in the ecosystem as they distribute pollen from and to different plants. 

The Omarunga Epupa Falls Camp is situated on the border between Namibia and Angola and is found on the riverbank, surrounded by Makalani palms, bushes and grass. Visitors are invited to put their feet up and relax in one of the many hammocks. A campsite is available for those who are sufficiently equipped for camping, and the camp offers several activities in which guests can participate in. 

Those, who are interested in cultures can join a guided tour to a Himba village nearby. Various homemade utensils and skincare products are demonstrated by women, and their homemade fragrances can be tried by guests. My friend Astrid could put on the headdress that only married women wear. After we had asked the villagers our questions, we went to the handicraft market, which is one of the main sources of income for the Himba. We thanked them for guiding us through the presentation and thanked them with gifts before we went back to the camp for lunch and a kayak tour. Omarunga-Epupa Falls Camp is the land where milk and honey flow, because the bees have chosen their home here.

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