N7 Trunk Road And Vioolsdrif/noordoewer Border Post Reopened

10 Jul 2023

Good news for travellers who want to drive from Cape Town to Namibia: The N7 trunk road and the Vioolsdrif / Noordoewer border post are open again.

Flooding Detour N7 highway Vyf Myl Poort border winter rain Namibia
This damaged section of South Africa's N7 trunk road at Vyf Myl Poort near the border with Namibia is passable again on a short temporary detour.  Photo: Nathaly Ahrens

The section of the N7 between Steinkopf and the Vioolsdrif border post has been open to traffic since 18h00 on Friday (7 July), the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) announced in a media release.

After engineers had assessed the passages damaged by rain floods, the repair work could now begin, SANRAL says. At the affected points, traffic would be regulated by stop & go posts on a single lane.

Namibian.org was told by a traveller that there is a short temporary diversion at one point. The sand road is also passable with a city car.

The N7 had been closed at Vyf Myl Poort about 10 km south of Vioolsdrif after being washed out by rain floods. Traffic was diverted widely to other border crossings such as Alexander Bay / Oranjemund or Nakop / Ariamsvlei (see our previous report).

Author: Sven-Eric Stender

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