Namibian Sim Card Especially For Holidaymakers

18 Jan 2024

Travellers to Namibia now have two new ways to stay in touch with their loved ones back home during their journey through the land of endless horizons. The Namibian Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC) offers two connectivity packages specially tailored to tourists: "Leisure Tourist" and "Premium Tourist". It's also practical, at least for passengers, that they are available immediately after landing - in the MTC shop at Hosea Kutako International Airport.

According to a product brochure, both options are only valid for a limited period. The Leisure package costs N$ 349 and offers 14 days with 10.1 GB data volume as well as international calls and text messages for N$ 65.

The Premium package is intended for tourists who are staying longer: The SIM card is valid for 30 days. For N$ 659, you get 20.1 GB of data and credit for international calls and text messages worth N$ 125.

A SIM card especially for tourists. 
Photo: Cover of MTC's product pamphlet


The new offer was generally welcomed on Whatsapp groups of the Namibian travel industry. This would eliminate the time-consuming process of registering the SIM card and visiting a police station, they said. The packages were received very quickly at the shop at the airport and there are hardly any queues, according to some.

However, there was also criticism. Someone wrote that it was incomprehensible that MTC only offers these packages at the international airport and not at other border crossings. Quite expensive, wrote another.

MTC has the largest mobile phone network in Namibia, with transmission towers in the cities and most towns. In remote areas, however, there is usually no mobile phone reception. More information from MTC at

Sven-Eric Stender

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