Young Lufthansa Subsidiary Renames Itself Discover Airlines

5 Sep 2023

It was already announced at the end of June. Now it is official: The young Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings Discover is parting with the name of its sister airline Eurowings and will be called discover airlines with immediate effect.

"Today, the first aircraft of the fleet with a new livery landed in Frankfurt," the media department of discover airlines announced at noon. This is the starting signal for the roll-out of the new brand identity. Tomorrow, the website and social media platforms will be amended. This will be followed by new signage at the airports in Frankfurt and other cities worldwide that discover airlines flies to.

The holiday airline will gradually change the livery of its aircraft fleet over the coming months. Namibia holidaymakers will have to wait a while for a flight in the new livery. "The first A330 will be undergoing varnishing soon, but it will certainly take time for it to show up at WDH. Expect it rather in a few months," the head of the press department, Leonie Bueb, replied when asked by Elements of the cabin interiors and crew uniform accessories are expected to be changed to the new brand identity in December.

discover airlines Uniform Crew Cabin Equipment Namibia
Expected from December: Elements of the cabin furnishings and accessories of the crew uniforms in the new discover airlines brand design.  Photo: discover airlines

Their new design is inspired by colours and elements that are reminiscent of holidays and arouse wanderlust, discover airlines explains. Blue tones refer to sky, horizon and water, yellow accents to sun and beach. Blue also stands for "quality and the connection to the Lufthansa Group". The company is firmly embedded in the structures at its two home hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

Four million passengers in two years

The independent identity follows a strengthened self-confidence. "We built up our airline in a record time of two years," says Managing Director Bernd Bauer. The Frankfurt-based holiday airline now has 2,000 employees and flies to more than 60 destinations around the world with its 22 aircraft. Since its launch, the airline has welcomed over four million guests on board.

Eurowings Discover was first introduced on 15 July 2021 during the Corona crisis. It took off on its first commercial flight on 24 July 2021, and the first aircraft landed in Namibia on 10 August 2021.

In the meantime, discover airlines flies ten times a week directly from Frankfurt to Windhoek. Three of the flights continue to VicFalls in Zimbabwe. The Frankfurt - Windhoek route is one of the airline's most successful connections.

discover airlines Airbus A330 Frankfurt Windhoek Namibia
Airbus A330 of discover airlines with new livery. This aircraft type is used on the Frankfurt - Windhoek route.  Photo: discover airlines

Sven-Eric Stender

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