Hiker Dies In Fish River Canyon

19 Sep 2022


Tragic incident in Africa's largest canyon. A 67-year-old hiker from South Africa died shortly before reaching the finish point of the Fish River Canyon Trail. This was reported by the online newspaper Informanté with reference to the police.

According to the report, the man had undertaken the multi-day hike with a group, but had dropped behind. After he had not arrived at the rest camp in ǀAi-ǀAis, the destination of the trail, members of the group walked back the way yesterday. They found his body in the sand just six kilometres from the rest camp (see Informanté Online).

Cause of death was probably exhaustion

The police do not assume foul play. The hiker most likely died of exhaustion. Why no one from the group had stayed with him, as is actually strongly recommended, was not reported.

The hike in the Fish River Canyon [https://gondwana-collection.com/en/the-fish-river-canyon-experience] from Hiker's Point to ǀAi-ǀAis is about 85 km long. You usually walk the route without a guide. For safety reasons, there must be at least three people. If one of the hikers gets injured, the second can take care of him while the third goes for help.

In early May, distress signals from hikers in the Fish River Canyon made headlines. However, the stir turned out to be unfounded. The signals came from a faulty GPS device.

Fish River Canyon Trail closed again until May

Meanwhile, this year's canyon hiking season has come to an end. The Fish River Canyon Trail is only open during the cooler period from 1 May to 15 September and has to be booked in advance. A good impression of the hike is given in a vlog by Arno Pouwels.

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