Same Time As In Namibia: Europe Switches To Summer Time

31 Mar 2024

From today, holidaymakers in Namibia from Europe will not have to worry about any time difference when flying to Namibia. The clocks in Europe were set forward by one hour to 3.00 a.m. at 2.00 a.m. last night.

During European summer time (see article on Wikipedia), Namibia and Europe are on the same time. This only changes again on the last Sunday in October, when European summer time ends. When the clocks are set back one hour to standard time, Namibia will be one hour ahead. Namibia abolished its time changeover in 2017 (see Wikipedia).

The travel destination of Namibia can still be reached by European holidaymakers all year round without any noticeable jet lag. The direct and indirect return flights take place at night. So you board the plane in the afternoon or evening and land at your destination in the morning.

on-board entertainment screens - Discover Airlines
Since the changeover to summer time last night, Europe and Namibia are on the same time.  Graphic: Daniel FR,

Sven-Eric Stender

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