Edelweiss And Klm Plan To Fly To Namibia

22 Jul 2023

Namibia fans in Switzerland and Holland may soon be able to reach their dream holiday destination even more comfortably. The Swiss airline Edelweiss Air and the Dutch airline KLM are planning connections to Windhoek. This was reported by the online news portal The Brief

He expects Edelweiss and KLM to add Namibia to their flight schedules within the next twelve months, the chief executive officer of the Namibia Airports Company (NAC), Bisey |Uirab, is quoted as saying. NAC is working on integrating Hosea Kutako International Airport more into the international network of flight routes, he said. In April, for example, it was not only talking to Edelweiss and KLM in Europe, but also to British Airways, the German airline Condor and Eurowings Discover, according to [Uirab. 

The number of international connections at the airport 30 km east of Windhoek has increased dramatically since the end of the Corona-related travel restrictions. EW Discover (new name: discover airline, see report on Namibian.org) now offers ten flights a week to Namibia, Ethiopean Airlines seven and Qatar Airways three. In addition, there are many connections via Johannesburg. 

Condor already offered the Windhoek destination in a code share with the South African airline Airlink in its last winter flight schedule. Before the Corona crisis, KLM had flown to Windhoek with a stopover in Luanda in Angola. Edelweiss Air has been considering adding Namibia to its portfolio of destinations for some time. Like discover airlines, the subsidiary of Swiss International Airlines belongs to the Lufthansa Group (see Wikipedia). 

May soon also fly to Hosea Kutako International Airport near Namibia's capital Windhoek: Swiss airline Edelweiss Air. 
Photo (Airbus A320-214, taken in 2016): Kambui / Wikipedia


Sven-Eric Stender 

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