Discover Airlines Will Also Fly From Munich To Windhoek From 2025

6 Jun 2024

Good news for holidaymakers who want to fly non-stop from Europe to Namibia and for whom Munich is easier to reach than Frankfurt: from 1 April 2025, Discover Airlines will also be taking off from the Bavarian capital.

As the holiday airline announced yesterday, it will be stationing two long-haul Airbus 330 aircraft in Munich from March next year. Three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, there will be flights from Munich to Windhoek. The Lufthansa subsidiary also flies to Orlando and Calgary from there.

Airbus A330-300 of Discover Airlines, which will also fly directly from Munich to Windhoek from 1 April 2025. 
Photo: Discover Airlines


However, the total number of Discover flights from Germany to Namibia will remain at ten per week. The three flights will merely be shifted from Frankfurt to Munich. From April, Discover will fly non-stop from Frankfurt to Windhoek only seven times a week.

The capital of Namibia is one of Discover Airlines' most important long-haul destinations. Other convenient flights from Europe to Namibia, albeit with a stopover in Addis Ababa, are offered by Ethiopean Airlines. Many Namibia holidaymakers also fly via Johannesburg to the land of endless horizons.

Sven-Eric Stender

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