Discover Airlines: New Wineskin For Young Wine

7 Jul 2023

Eurowings Discover will in future be called discover airlines. The Lufthansa subsidiary had this new name entered in the German commercial register on 21 June, reports the travel industry magazine FVW.

However, the company is not separating from Eurowings, as many have concluded from the ambiguously worded announcement. It is merely a clear separation with regard to the brand name. Lufthansa had founded Eurowings Discover as a sister airline focusing on long-haul holiday destinations.

The first Eurowings Discover aircraft bound for Namibia after landing at Hosea Kutako International Airport near Windhoek in August 2021. Photo: Eurowings Discover

The parent company was probably aware of the need for a separate brand profile from the beginning. In a conversation with NamibiaFocus in Windhoek a year ago, then Managing Director of the Lufthansa Group for Southern and East Africa, André Schulz, had also emphasised this. Time and again, the two sister airlines were confused. For months, the young airline has already limited itself to the name Discover on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Eurowings Discover was first presented to the public on 15 July 2021 during the Corona crisis and had its first commercial flight on 24 July 2021. On 9 August 2021, the first plane took off from Frankfurt with destination Namibia. In the meantime, EW Discover flies to the land of endless horizons ten times a week. The Frankfurt - Windhoek route is one of their most successful connections.

According to the Aero Telegraph, the name Eurowings Discover was born out of necessity. The German state had granted the pandemic-weakened parent company Lufthansa a loan worth billions to help it through the crisis. Therefore, the introduced brand Eurowings was only given the addition Discover, instead of introducing a new brand and cost-intensive advertising.

The new brand also appears in a new colour scheme. The Eurowings purple is to give way to a blue tone, reports Aero Telegraph.

Author: Sven-Eric Stender

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