Dirt Roads, Desert & Starlit Dinner

29 Apr 2021

As we drove around the curve towards Spreetshoogte Pass and caught the first glimpse of the rugged landscape lain barren in the hot summer sun, we “wowed” our way to the viewpoint. No matter how many times I have been here before, it is near impossible to drive by without getting snap happy and capturing the steepest pass in the country on camera first.

There are few things as liberating as hitting the road to the south. The mere thought of the transition from tar road to gravel already conveys a holiday feeling that replenishes the spirit. Open spaces, unpolluted air, a remote ruggedness that eventually turns into soft dunes of all shapes and sizes. Horizons stretching as far as the eye can see, speckled with grazing gemsbok in the distance.

With an all-girls group of friends, we set off to Namib Desert Camping2Go’s recently introduced campsite in the south. We wanted… needed to be as close to nature as possible. To get away from civilisation. To soak up the sounds of nature when sitting around the campfire at night.

For full story please have a look at Gondwana Collection Namibia.

Author: Annelien Roberts

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