Enrich Your Christmas With A Warm African Touch

11 Dec 2020

Have you ever thought about celebrating Christmas in the Kalahari? In the sunshine, on warm, red dunes under a crystal clear sky? Gondwana Collection Namibia is looking forward to welcoming you. And if your trip to a Gondwana Lodge does not materialise this year, we will ship a warm ray of sunshine directly to your home.

What about an African Shwe Shwe Pet Bandana for your favourite dog? 

Get your uniquely handcrafted Christmas ornaments from The Narrative online store, together with the warmth and cordiality of Namibia. The “Xmas in the Kalahari” range, includes Christmas tree decorations like little angels and poinsettias, as well as beautiful gift ideas, encapsulating the true African spirit.  

Merry Christmas from a sunny and festive Namibia.  

At the same time, your purchase supports social initiatives like “Little Bugs” in the Sossusvlei area, an income generating community project for women that also provides schooling for children. Another project the Matukondjo Dolls Project, Gondwana’s longest running partner initiative that consists of several ladies working from their homes in the Katutura area in Windhoek where they produce rag dolls or special Christmas ornaments using African and traditional print materials.

Get your African Christmas feeling from The Narrative online store.


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