Access To Namibia's Natural And Cultural Heritage Sites Costs More

4 Apr 2024

Namibia holidaymakers who want to see the rock engravings at the World Heritage Site Twyfelfontein will now have to dig a little deeper into their wallets. Since yesterday, 1 April, the guided tour costs 270 Namibia Dollar (almost EUR 13.30; current value, 1 N$ = 1 South African rand). Previously the fee was N$ 250.

Twyfelfontein (Afrikaans: "doubtful spring") is officially called |Ui-ǁAis (Khoekhoegowab: "jumping spring") and has been a UNESCO cultural heritage site since 2007. Around 2,500 rock engravings can be found there. Experts estimate their age to be up to 6,000 years.

Tours to the "Petrified Forest" between Twyfelfontein and Khorixas as well as to the "White Lady" and other rock paintings at the Brandberg (also: Dâures) near Uis also cost now N$ 270. The fee for the site of the geological sights "Organ Pipes" and "Burnt Mountain" at Twyfelfontein, on the other hand, remains at N$ 250 (EUR 12.30; current value, N$ 1 = 1 South African Rand). All these sites are located in Damaraland in the north-west and west of Namibia.

No increase for Lake Otjikoto and Hoba Meteorite

The price (N$ 250) for Lake Otjikoto north of Tsumeb and the Hoba meteorite north-west of Grootfontein also remains unchanged. In all cases, these are guided tours; you are not allowed to visit these sites on your own.

Access to the Heroes' Acre on the southern outskirts of Windhoek has been increased by N$ 20. It now costs N$ 70 (EUR 3.45; current value, N$ 1 = 1 South African Rand) and N$ 80 with a guided tour.

The fees are set annually by the Namibia Heritage Council (NHC). Two years ago, the NHC raised them by up to 150 per cent despite protests from the travel industry. There was no increase last year.


Guided tour to the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. 
Photo: Sven-Eric Stender


Sven-Eric Stender

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