The Great Zambezi

21 Jun 2021

The great Zambezi River is famous for the awe-inspiring, Victoria Falls.

However, the source of the Zambezi begins far north in Zambia, traverses through the eastern region of Angola, along the north-eastern border of Namibia, the northern border of Botswana continuing along the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, across Mozambique, finally reaching the warm Indian Ocean. This 2500km water course qualifies the Zambezi River as the 4th longest river in Africa.

All photos: Mike and Jane Dohlhoff

In addition to the fauna and flora which is supported by the Zambezi River, there are in excess of a 100 different species of fish. These include the African Pike, Silver Barbel, Yellow-belly Bream (also called Nembwe) and the highly sought after Tiger Fish.

The Tiger Fish, named due to its stripes on its body, are relentless fighters when caught on the fishing line, performing amazing aerial jumps in an effort to `throw` the hook, and providing the thrill of the fight for any fisherman. These predators with their razor sharp teeth can reach weights of up to 10kg or more.

As the Tiger Fish is not popular to eat, most of the operators conduct `catch-and-release` fishing. The Nembwe is also another aggressive predator fish and even though they are not as heavy as Tiger Fish, they also put up a good fight with the help of their muscular, compact body.

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