Good Fishing In Namibia's Watery North-east

19 Jul 2022

Fishing in Namibia? Really? Oh yes, apart from the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia's inland waters also have a lot to offer fishing enthusiasts - especially the rivers in the water-rich north-east of Namibia.  With a little luck and skill, you can catch some really big fish, such as the much sought-after "tiger fish", Nembwe or a good sized catfish.


Catfish Gondwana Collection Fishing Namibia
With a bit of luck, a big catfish could be next on the hook. 
Photo: Gondwana Collection


Gondwana Collection Namibia offers fishing adventures in this region at three different locations. You are spoilt for choice between Hakusembe River Lodge on the Okavango, Namushasha River Lodge on the Kwando and Zambezi Mubala Camp on the Zambezi. Depending on your preference, you can spend a full day on the river with an experienced guide or book a shorter fishing trip for the whole family. Everything is possible. Everywhere, in accordance with the tourism company's sustainability philosophy, fishing is done in an environmentally friendly way according to the "catch and release" principle.


Gondwana Collection Fishing guides
Experienced guides from Gondwana Collection Namibia will help you get on the right track.
Photo: Gondwana Collection 


In addition, there are the so-called Go Fishing complete packages for anglers, which include three or five nights' accommodation, meals and, of course, fishing. If you need an off-road rental car for your fishing trip, contact Namibia2Go.


Nembwe in Namibia Gondwana Collection
The colourful Nembwe is also a great catch.
Photo: Gondwana Collection 


Take your family with you, as the lodge, campsite or self-catering tents offer relaxing hours: a relaxing afternoon by the pool, nature drives, sunset boat trips or an excursion to an open-air museum or even the world-famous Victoria Falls.


Tiger Fish Gondwana Collection Namibia
The "tiger fish" is known for the difficulty of bringing it on board. His courage is rewarded, after a great photo he is released back into the water.
Photo: Gondwana Collection


All three lodge complexes have experienced guides who know the best fishing grounds. During the months of July to September, you are likely to say goodbye with a hearty thank you for the experience.

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