Namibia Nature Parks Are Like No Other

22 Jun 2021

Namibia’s nature parks are places of extraordinary environmental wealth. People are protecting these lands for their beauty, for their uniqueness, for the creatures that inhabit them: Great geological treasures in stunning landforms, floral riches from forests to vygies, the splendour of diverse and fascinating fauna and much more.

Nature doesn’t recognise our borders. Animals need to roam. Plant communities grow according to natural patterns. Namibia’s conservation efforts recognise this – the country’s nature parks are the state-protected heartlands of larger ecosystems. A variety of landscape-level initiatives promote conservation collaboration far beyond these parks. What goes on around the parks is vital to the life in them, especially if the parks are small or unfenced.

Namibia is divided into three main land tenure types: state parks cover close to 17 per cent of the land; communal areas (state land reserved for livelihood use by local communities) makes up around 37 per cent, freehold land comprises about 43 per cent. The remaining three per cent consist of state land for other uses, and municipal areas.

Nature parks in northern Namibia:

Experience the lush and rich natural wonderland of northern Namibia. National parks in northern Namibia penetrate into the heart of Africa. Wildlife is abundant and the savannahs and wetlands are waiting to be explored. Whether it is Etosha, Bwabwata, or Nkasa Rupara National Park, explore the northern riches and discover stunning accommodation options and activities on offer along the way, and learn more about history, nature, conservation, and community education.

Nature parks in southern Namibia:

Explore the breath taking landscapes and see places that only a handful have seen. Mining areas, closed to the public for more than a century have become a wildlife refuge. The south is calling. Including the mesmerizing Gondwana Canyon Park, Gondwana Kalahari Park, Gondwana Namib Park, and the Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park, the South tends to lure adventurers to the most unique discoveries that Namibia has to offer.

Nature parks in western Namibia:

Where the desert meets the sea, and the highest sand dunes in the world. Many think there is no more to it than sand, but a closer look shows a truly wild place teaming with all sorts of life. Discover the Skeleton Coast Park, Cape Cross Seal Reserve, Palmwag Concession Area, and Namib Naukluft Park on an interactive map for easy and all-in-one itinerary planing and booking. Meanwhile, fall in love with western Namibia as you click your way through the gallary.

Nature parks in central Namibia:

Break away from the hustle and bustle of Windhoek. Nature Parks in Central Namibia are the perfect weekend breakaways to recharge your soul. Wildlife and history galore, they will surely not disappoint. The Daan Viljoen Game Park and Waterberg Plateau Park invite you to observe wildlife and nature, with easy access to all other regions of Namibia.

Nature parks in eastern Namibia:

Namibia’s east is sometimes forgotten when it comes to natural parks, but this offers the opportunity to drive through really wild lands, sometimes being only a handful of vehicles in the parks. Revel in wild Africa. Still, the Khaudum National Park and the Mangetti National Park have plenty to offer, while being one of the most remote, inaccessible areas of Namibia. Read up on extensive research and on life beyond the park to find out what awaits you there.

Communal conservancies in Namibia:

The success of conservation in Namibia, could not have been written without the help of the communities in these areas. Explore the Community conservation areas and witness as people try and reach a balance with the natural world around them.

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