Internet Page Available To Follow Environmental Impact Studies

26 Jan 2024

A number of environmental sustainability studies are currently underway in Namibia, including mega-projects such as the green hydrogen plant in the south, oil exploration in the Okavango Basin by Recon Africa and several uranium mining projects in the pipeline.

It is cumbersome for the interested public to keep track of them and follow their progress. A new website with an inter-active map and background information now makes this possible.

Namibia's Chamber of Environment (NCE) developed this online platform last year together with the Namibia Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS).

Work on the EIA tracker project started in May last year and the website was made available to the public in November 2023. An interactive and - above all - user-friendly map shows all the locations of projects where an EIA is underway or has been completed. With just a few clicks one gets first-hand information and - if anyone want to find out more, there is more documentation available.  

Additionally, many heritage sites in Namibia have been added.

The new EIA Tracker is very useful and ensures that all relevant information about each project is easy to find and remains permanently accessible to the public.

The EIA Tracker project kicked off in May 2023, while the website was opened to the public in November 2023. The website can be found at

Brigitte Weidlich

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