Green-tripping Namibia In The Time Of Covid-19: A Travelogue From The Heart

2 Apr 2021

The incredible lightness of being . . .

Canyon Roadhouse must be one of the very best reminders of the importance of humour and being light-hearted. Isn’t it true that we often get so caught up in things that we forget to lighten up – and just enjoy life? Today, Canyon Roadhouse reminds me of the incredible lightness of being.


Built with a roadhouse feel, this lodge 27km from the canyon viewpoints, has become a landmark in the area and a must-do on the way to or from the canyon. Their Roadhouse burgers and Amarula cheesecake are well known, but even more compelling than the food is the bright, fun and playful interior and exterior of the lodge. Many a traveller has sat at the resplendent bar - or ‘Pompstasie’ - colourfully decorated with stickers and licence plates from around the world, and has gazed at the automobiles from yesteryear that form part of the restaurant décor or have been upcycled into innovative fireplaces. Outdoors, quiver trees grow from rusty bonnets, a windmill stands companionably next to a small pond and an old Dodge bakkie has been parked at an angle, dreaming of earlier days.  The extra touch however is the humour that has been braided into the lodge decoration that makes you smile giggle or laugh. It’s found in many spots, like the sign outside saying Danger: bad road. Fasten safety belts, remove dentures and hearing aids’ and the ‘Pandora’s box’, strategically positioned on a painting of a curvaceous woman in the gent’s bathroom. A bell sounds through the restaurant when the lid of the box is lifted alerting everyone, but the note inside is in good spirit and lets you know that you owe your friends a round of drinks. Wherever it is, the entire lodge - lovely rooms included - is full of character without comprising on quality, providing a happy burst of appreciation for all the good things in life.

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