New Book Supports The Conservation Of Carmine Bee-eaters

20 Jun 2019

The bird lover and hobby photographer Pompie Burger launched his latest book tonight (20 June) in Windhoek. Chariots of Fire supports the conservation of the Carmine Bee-eater colony close to Zambezi Mubala Lodge which is said to be one of the largest breeding colonies in Africa. It also serves to inform local Namibians as well as tourists about the delicate balance the river systems have on Carmine Bee-eaters

The colourful birds arrive in their thousands in mid-August in a celebration of crimson and blue to breed in tunnels on the banks of the Zambezi River. They depart towards the end of the year from early November to late December, when they disperse through northern Namibia, travelling to south-central Africa for the winter. During their visit, the air is alive with vivid colour, birdsong and the swooping flight of the birds as they catch flying insects like grasshoppers, cicadas and dragonflies. Pompie Burger’s book captivates with wonderful photos and deep insights into this amazing colony of Southern Carmine Bee-eaters

The profit from the book sales will be used to fund the Carmine project coordinated by the by the steering committee of the Mubala Carmine Colony and to pay the fish guards in the area. They not only prevent illegal fishing on the Zambezi but also protect the sensitive riverine ecosystem including this extremely vulnerable bird colony

The publication of the book is supported by Venture Media, John Meinert Printing and Gondwana Collection Namibia. Books will be available at Gondwana Collection Curio Shops for N$400.00 and in various book shops in Windhoek and Swakopmund.   

Pompie Burger: Chariots of Fire. Venture Media, Windhoek 2019. ISBN 978-99945-89-03-6  

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