President of UN General Assembly visits Namibia

The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Dennis Francis visited Namibia in preparation for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future in September.

Public holiday to mourn president - businesses closed on Monday

Namibia will observe an extraordinary public holiday on Monday in a fortnight' time. This was announced by the Namibian Ministry of Information at the weekend. According to the announcement, the state funeral for the late President Hage Geingob will take

OvaHerero commemorate Maharero's 'homecoming' 100 years ago

Dressed in more or less light brown uniforms, hundreds of men stand in front of the station building. Not at attention, but orderly in rows. Some older ones sit, obviously tired from waiting for hours. Suddenly a whistle sounds from a distance, then a sof

Statue of "city founder" Curt von Francois dismantled

The statue of the German Schutztruppen commander Curt von Francois was removed yesterday morning from its place in front of the Windhoek municipality. The city council had voted at the end of October to move the statue to the Windhoek City Museum.

Naute Dam celebrates 50th anniversary

"On 9 September the Naute Dam near Keetmanshoop will be officially opened by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water Affairs, J. P. Kriel. The Mayor of Keetmanshoop, W. K. Steyn, will on this occasion commission the filtration plant and the pumpi

Swakopmund celebrates 130 years on 4 August 2022

Namibia’s coastal town Swakopmund will be 130 years old on 4 August 2022 and it will celebrate this landmark in style. The official event will be held on the historic day of 4 August to mark 130 years of growth from strength to strength through German

The BaTswana - Namibia’s smallest and forgotten tribe

After many years, the BaTswana cultural group of Namibia finally has a new leader. Chief Andrew Kgosiemang, was recently inaugurated as the new head of the BaTswana community.

Namutoni – from Cattle post to Battle ground and Tourist attraction

With its stark white walls, towers and arched gateways, Fort Namutoni is the focal point of the eponymous rest camp which is just 12 km from Von Lindequist Gate, the eastern gateway to the Etosha National Park.

Nehale lya Mpingana – Heroic Early Resistance Fighter

The death of Ondonga King Iitana yaNekwiyu on 16 September 1884 plunged the kingdom into a succession struggle which saw Prince Kambonde kaMpingana ascend to the throne on 27 September 1884. Tensions reached near-breaking point when his younger brother, P

Aspro: What's in a name?

The arbitrary farm names made more sense after reading it - that is if sense even comes into it. Rather than there being any heartfelt emotion involved in the name-giving, it was more a matter of assigning a myriad of names in a short time, as a formality

The forgotten stone tower of Outjo

Although today Outjo is considered the gateway to Etosha National Park, it was once considered the gateway to the North and to Kaokoland.

Festus and the mysterious hermit of Sandwich Harbour

Tales of adventure and lost treasure are woven around the desolate coastline of Namibia, which early sailors avoided in favour of more promising shores.

The intriguing tale of Cape Cross

It was first visited by Europeans centuries ago when Portuguese explorers left their homeland for years at a time, braving the vast oceans in their small wooden vessels searching for resources and new trade routes to the East.

Padlangs: Living at the edge

When Gondwana Gondwana Collection Namibia bought its first pieces of land in the area bordering the Fish River Canyon in the late 90s, the area was bone dry after a severe drought.

Rinderpest: Death, Destruction and Opportunity

When I recently visited a friend who had moved into a new home in Windhoek, I found myself looking at the name Robert Koch Street and wondered, who was Robert Koch, and why did his name sound so familiar?

Swakopmund’s steam ox

Most visitors to Namibia’s popular coastal town are familiar with the old steam locomotive named ‘Martin Luther’ that is enclosed in a glass structure on its outskirts.

De Pass: A story of pioneering and missed opportunity

in 1854, when much of Namibia remained unexplored and unknown to the western world, a man named Aaron de Pass arrived in Walvis Bay

Namibia's lighthouses - still showing the way for seafarers

Beach, surf waves from the Atlantic, howling seagulls and the view over the endless sea, the silhouette of a ship disappearing on the horizon - for many visitors to the Namibian coast this is the epitome of vacation.

Old Prison building in Swakopmund popular among tourists

Among the historic buildings in the coastal town of Swakopmund, a well preserved, stately double-story building is very popular among tourists coming to Swakopmund for photos.

Southern Namibia has interesting museums

Travelling through Namibia often leads to discoveries of unexpected hidden treasures such as small private museums that are certainly worthwhile a visit. In our third article on museums in Namibia, we journey south.

Padlangs: Spanish flu and lessons in time

Often when I’m traveling in southern Namibia on my way to Klein-Aus Vista lodge, I make a turn at the Commonwealth War Graves on the outskirts of Aus. Rows and rows of WW1 soldiers are buried there, many of whom died not from confrontation with the enem

A Namibian Tale of Mixed Fortunes

In his life, Hermann Dietz had never achieved any great fame in Namibia. As a young teenager, aged 14 or 15, he left school and went to the Cologne area to learn the trade of bricklayer.

150 years of Namibia-Finland relations started in Ondonga territory

When travelling to Namibia’s famous Etosha National Park,why not also explore the northern areas beyond the King Nehale conservancy and another 100 kms or so to Ondangwa?

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