Namibia unveils its first national bio-economy strategy

The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) has published a five-year strategy to develop Namibia's bio-economy on 6 June 2024.

Namibia to have its first biomass power station soon

Namibia's state-owned electricity utility NamPower has set its long-held plan in motion to construct a 40-megawatt biomass power station, which will be fired by wood chips from harvested invader bush species.

Namibian president Mbumba attends world hydrogen summit in Rotterdam

Namibian President Nangolo Mbumba promoted Namibia as a future "green" logistics centre for southern Africa, using ammonia as fuel, at this year's World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam. He announced that Africa's first pipeline with green ammonia – once fo

King of Belgium inaugurates first GH2 fuelling station in Namibia

King Phillipe of Belgium visited Namibia in the first week of May 2024 and together with Namibian president Nangolo Mbumba inaugurated the first green hydrogen fuel station and production plant in the country.

Desert-based economy envisaged in southern Namibia

The small town of Maltahöhe in southern Namibia became a hype of activity recently, when six different projects received a financial boost for the “RuralRevive Initiative”, which is driven by the social foundation of the local Wolwedans tourism group

Namibia's population now beyond three million people

The population of Namibia has grown to just over three million inhabitants in the last twelve years, according to preliminary census results released on 13 March 2024.

Namibia retains its ranking on global corruption index

The organisation, Transparency International (TI) has at the end of January 2024  released its annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI), with Namibia scoring 49 of possible one hundred points, the same as a year ago.

Namibia joins global green financial network

Namibia's central bank has joined the prestigious Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS), a group of central banks and regulators committed to promoting financing for environmental projects in response to climate change.

The Namibian government secures equity green hydrogen project

Namibia has taken an important next step to realise its massive ten-billion-Euro green hydrogen project by concluding an equity agreement for a 24 percent stake with the company Hyphen Hydrogen Energy.

Namibia signs new economic agreement with EU

Namibia has signed a new economic partnership agreement with the European Union on 18 December 2023 after it had initially said a month ago it would not sign.

Germany continues to support Namibia’s sustainable development

Namibia has signed three different loan agreements with Germany's development bank in December 2023 accumulating to approximately 1,8 billion N$ for projects in the water, electricity and agricultural sector.

Successes for Namibia during climate summit in Dubai

Namibia has seized the opportunity to conclude several agreements during this year's climate summit (COP28) in Dubai in December 2023.

Kelp Blue wins Sustainability award and issues Blue Bonds

The Namibian subsidiary of the Dutch company Kelp Blue has received a sustainability award at the climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and announced more investments by issuing blue bonds.

Namibia active participant at climate summit in Dubai

This year's annual climate summit, starting on 30 November 2023, will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Namibia will display its pavilion on opening day.

Young Namibians offered apprenticeships in Germany

Unemployment among the youth is topical in many developing and industrialised nations. Contributing to the situation is a skills gap. To literally “bridge the gap” Namibia's government investment authority joined up with the Goethe Institute in Namibi

Namibia breaks new ground for Africa's first green iron plant

A ground-breaking ceremony, for the construction of Africa’s first decarbonised iron manufacturing plant by means of green hydrogen took place near Arandis in Namibia's Erongo Region on 06 November 2023. This ushered in a new era of industrialisation.

Namibia strengthens economic ties with EU

Namibia and the European Union have assured cooperation with each other in the transition towards green energy, which will not only reduce CO2 emissions but will lead to green industrial development.

Namibia and South Africa seek closer economic cooperation

Namibia and South Africa have entered a new chapter in regard to their bilateral relations, seeking close cooperation in cross-border value chain opportunities and the energy sector like oil, gas and green hydrogen.

Bricklaying ceremony for first green hydrogen refuelling station

History was made when the bricklaying ceremony for Africa’s first public green hydrogen refuelling station took place on 28 September 2023 in Walvis Bay.

Charcoal factory inaugurated in Erongo Region

The fledgling charcoal industry in Namibia has received another boost with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art factory in Arandis near Swakopmund at the end of September 2023.

Support for small farmers a boost for food security

A recently started project to diversify rural livelihoods and foster resilience among 6.100 rural smallhold farming households is showing good results. 

More cooperation between government and biomass industry

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism has emphasised at the just ended Biomass Fair 2023 the government's wish for more cooperation with the industry.

Namibia successfully combats bush encroachment

In Namibia, bush thinning or bush harvesting has become a successful niche industry, creating jobs and diversifying the agricultural sector. Charcoal production has become an addtional income for farmers.

New railway to link Namibia and Botswana

Namibia and Botswana have decided to go ahead with the construction of the Trans-Kalahari railway, which will go beyond western Botswana to the Namibian border.

Tenth annual mining conference and expo a success

Namibia's Chamber of Mines (CoM) has once again hosted a successful conference on 30 and 31 August 2023 for the mining sector at the expo with over 150 exhibitors and seats fully booked for the presentations and podium discussions. 

WHO Director General on official visit to Namibia

The Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has for the first time visited Namibia at the end of August 2023.

Annual Ongwediva Trade Fair the biggest in Namibia

From 25 August to 02 September all roads lead to Ongwediva for the annual trade fair in north-central Namibia, the biggest commercial trade event in Namibia.

Namibia has huge potential for future energy mix

Namibia has far bigger offshore gas reserves than anticipated, which will also be significant regarding future electricity exports to neighbouring countries.

Japan keen on Namibia's lithium and green hydrogen

Namibia is increasingly becoming a favourable investment destination for green energy, with Japan the latest country to secure access to green hydrogen and lithium in the country.

From Windhoek to Lüderitz in just one hour

Those who want to experience the ghost town of Kolmanskop or the species-rich Succulent Karoo on their Namibia trip have a new time-saving option to choose from. The private Namibian airline FlyNamibia started flying back and forth between Windhoek and L

Namibian economics to the point – July 2023

July’s winter weather was a mix of warm days with two very cold spells in between, causing temperatures to drop below zero degrees and bringing snow to Aus in southern Namibia and a few spots west of Windhoek in the Khomas Hochland.  Namibia has sig

Namibian economics to the point – June 2023

The winter weather in June was rather mild but during the last week of the month a cold front caused temperatures to drop below zero, rainfalls in the southern parts of the country and even snow in the western parts of the Khomas Hochland. The prime m

Namibian economics to the point – May 2023

The Namibian summer extended into May this year including rainfalls but a sudden cold spell in the last few days of the month brought the realisation that winter has arrived.

Falling rand exchange rate makes for fuller travel coffers

For Namibia holidaymakers from Europe or the USA, travelling in Namibia has become almost ten percent cheaper in recent weeks. The reason: the South African Rand (ZAR) has lost a lot of value against the Euro and the US Dollar. The Namibia Dollar is pegge

Namibian economics to the point - April 2023

The Namibian summer ended with sudden rainfalls in the last week of the month after a below average rainy season, drought is looming in some areas. Namibia will soon have its first wind power plant, which is to deliver 50 megawatt electricity. The cou

Namibian economics to the point - March 2023

In March most parts of Namibia experienced little rain and in areas where rainfalls were recorded it came late as some crops already wilted. Communal and commercial farmers are concerned about a possible drought looming in the coming months. In the Ero

Namibian economics to the point - February 2023

February has brought mainly sporadic rainfall and long dry spells in-between, which interrupted plant growth on many crop fields. Namibia and Botswana have launched a joint initiative to ease border crossing for citizens of both countries. They will on

Namibian economics to the point – January 2023

Good rains at the beginning of the year in central Namibia and the central north have given rise to optimism in the agricultural sector. But the good rain also brought flooding to the north-central regions, due to heavy rains across the border in southern

Namibian economics to the point – December 2022

The month of December brought welcome rains to several parts of Namibia and Windhoek experienced flash floods during a cloudburst. Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate action Robert Habeck officially visited Namibia before proceeding t

Namibian economics to the point – November 2022

November was a very hot month with little rainfall as relief, except in the southern parts. The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings has started flights from Frankfurt via Windhoek to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Namibia has secured huge loans an

Namibia secures huge loans at COP27 climate summit

Namibia has secured huge sums in loans and grants at the start of the international climate summit (Conference of Parties 27 – COP 27) in Egypt, to develop its green hydrogen industry. At the same time Namibia launched a new financing platform and signe

Namibian economics to the point – October 2022

October started with rains countrywide mixed with hailstorms as a surprise, which resulted in large areas covered in white. The container terminal at the port of Walvis Bay will be outsourced to the Swiss company TIL, which is the major shareholder in

Namibian economics to the point – September 2022

September was a month with two seasons, sudden cold spell between warmer spring weather and a few drops of rain. The Namibian Competition Commission has approved the takeover of Namibian Breweries by the Dutch beer giant Heineken, but with several cond

Namibian economics to the point – August 2022

The Namibian government has dropped all regulations with regard to Covid-19 in mid-August. No negative PCR tests are required anymore when entering Namibia. Similarly, no vaccination certificates are required at entry points and border posts anymore. Covi

Namibian economics to the point – July 2022

The month of July brought rather mild winter weather, which was a relief after a very cold June. The Namibian government has lifted all Covid-19 restrictions on 15 July and wearing of masks is not compulsory anymore. Daily updates on Covid infections w

Namibian Economics to the Point – June 2022

June has brought unusually cold winter conditions for the Namibian interior while the Namib Desert and the coast endured warm to hot east wind weather. A new solar plant of 20 megawatt (MW) was inaugurated in the Erongo Region, while the South will soo

Namibian economics to the point - May 2022

Summary of the most important economic developments and events in Namibia in May 2022.

Namibian economics to the point - April 2022

Several areas of Namibia still received rainfall despite autumn approaching. The Kunene Region fortunately is one of the areas. The Namibian government has announced in mid-April that the existing Covid-19 regulations will remain in place until 15 May 20

Namibian economics to the point – March 2022

A summary of the economic developments in Namibia in March 2022.

Namibian economics to the point – February 2022

Good rains continued in the first half of February across most parts of Namibia, replenishing underground water aquifers and raising optimism for higher agricultural output. President Hage Geingob travelled to Europe to attend an ocean summit in France

Namibian economics to the point – January 2022

Most parts of Namibia received good rains in the second half of January, caused by effects of the tropical storm Ana, which had earlier hit Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique. The Hardap and the Neckartal dams in southern Namibia are now full. The firs

Namibian economics to the point - December 2021

Many areas in Namibia are still waiting for rains after the northern and north-eastern parts received good showers in mid-December. Most industrial countries, that banned entry from Namibia and other countries in southern Africa end of November due to

Namibian economics to the point – November 2021

The warm summer weather prevailed throughout November with sporadic rainfalls across the country. The Namibian government announced at the climate summit in Glasgow in Scotland, that the ‘Hyphen’ consortium was the successful bidder to develop the cou

Namibia optimistic about new green hydrogen industry

The global search for green and renewable energy sources is intensifying and green hydrogen is regarded as a promising solution. As northern countries scramble to secure hydrogen supplies from the southern hemisphere, Namibia has joined the race. The Nami

Namibian Economics to the Point – October 2021

The first notable rainfalls were recorded end of October. President Hage Geingob travelled to Scotland on 30 October to lead the Namibian delegation attending the climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow.

Namibian economics to the point – September 2021

September brought warm spring weather and the first few modest rainfalls. President Hage Geingob held several talks with investors in the USA, while he attended the United Nations’ general assembly.

Namibian Economics to The Point - August 2021

A new subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, Eurowings Discover now connects Frankfurt with Windhoek five times a week. A local company, Fly Westair now flies to Rundu from Windhoek.

Namibian Economics to the point - July 2021

July brought very cold temperatures in the inland and several spells of hot east wind weather along the coast. Covid-19 infections have significantly dropped in the second half of this month.

Namibian Economics to the point - June 2021

During the cold weather in June, winter has firmly established itself in Namibia. After twenty years of absence, a Lufthansa passenger aeroplane has again landed at Hosea Kutako International Airport this month. Lufthansa has now resumed regular flights t

Namibian economics to the point - May 2021

Winter in Namibia typically begins in May and the daytime temperatures have been quite pleasant this month, despite some chilly nights and cold early morning temperatures.

Namibian economics to the point - April 2021

The summer is ending, bringing less rain, although the northwestern areas welcomed late, strong rains, which helped break the long drought of the Kunene- and northern parts of the Erongo Regions.

Namibian Economics to the Point - March 2021

Some parts of the country received fairly good rainfall in March, but the north-west is still plagued by the drought.

Namibian Economics to the Point – February 2021

In February it rained relatively well in Namibia and the sluices of some dams had to be reopened in between, some areas are still waiting for rain.

Namibian economics to the point – January 2021

Exceptionally good rainfalls have covered most parts of Namibia in January, especially the southern parts, where even the famous Sossusvlei and the Sesriem Canyon received water.

Namibian economics to the point - December 2020

The rain urgently needed in Namibia only came at the end of the month, with showers falling in many parts of the country.

Namibian economics to the point – November 2020

Hot summer weather prevailed during November with only little rainfall recorded. Weather experts however predict a good rainy season over the coming months.

Namibian economics to the point – October 2020

In October 2020, the Namibian government announced the removal of some Covid-19 restrictions. Namibia’s state-owned Agricultural Bank has introduced a loan scheme, which is specifically tailored for women and youth to empower them. Diamond production dr

Namibian economics to the point - September 2020

Warmer spring weather prevailed during September with a few cool days in southern Namibia at month-end.

Namibian economics to the point – August 2020

The cold winter weather prevailed during August with a short stint of slightly warmer temperatures in the third week and a few rain showers brushing over the southern parts of Namibia.

Namibian economics to the point – July 2020

Cold winter weather prevailed in the Namibian interior throughout July, while the coastal areas experienced warm east wind weather.

Namibian economics to the point – June 2020

Due to the difficult economic situation, companies started retrenching employees. The Bank of Namibia lowered its repo rate. Inflation at the end of May was 2.1 percent. The Fitch Ratings agency changed Namibia’s outlook from stable to negative.

Namibian economics to the point - May 2020

Some parts of Namibia received their final rain showers in the first few days of May as winter slowly approached towards month end. The news Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi tabled the budget for the financial year 2020-21 in Parliament.

Namibian economics to the point - April 2020

Good and widespread rains fell in April, even in some areas of southern Namibia. Most dam levels increased, with dams around Windhoek now being filled to over 80 percent capacity. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Namibia has also been under lockdown since 28

Namibian economics to the point -March 2020

Good rains fell in many parts of Namibia in March, increasing the water levels of the dams, especially in the central parts of the country.

Namibian economics to the point – February 2020

Namibia has received widespread good rains in the second half of February, which also improved water levels of several dams.

Namibian economics to the point - January 2020

Many parts of Namibia received good rains in the first half of January, including the northwestern Kunene Region and southern Namibia, with seasonal flows of several rivers.

Namibian economics to the point - December 2019

Widespread rains covering most parts of Namibia started in early December 2019 and continued over Christmas, causing several rivers to flow and replenishing low dam levels.

Namibian economics to the point - November 2019

After a five-year pause, Namibia will start exporting game meat in due course targeting the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom as markets.

Namibian economics to the point – October 2019

The first measurable rains in the new rainy season fell in the first half of October with several thundershowers in the northeast later in the month.

Namibian economics to the point – August 2019

The winter month of August was unusually mild and also provided long spells of hot east wind weather for the coastal areas, including sand storms.

Namibian economics to the point – September 2019

September saw the departure of winter weather except for a short cold spell at month-end. The first few rain clouds appeared, raising hopes for the rainy season to start soon.

President of UN General Assembly visits Namibia

The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Dennis Francis visited Namibia in preparation for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future in September.

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