Spice Brand Ankerkraut Introduces Two New Namibia Spices

14 Jun 2023

Namibia fans in Europe can soothe their longing for the country of their dreams in their kitchen - and now twice as well as before. The spice brand Ankerkraut, well-known in Germany, has added two spices to its Namibia range: Namib Curry and Kalahari Ur-Salz (salt) can now be found in European supermarkets and online shops. The Kapana and Chakalaka flavours have already been available since 2018.


Ankerkraut Taste of Namibia Spice Namib Curry Kalahari Salt Kapana Chakalala Namibia
The Namibia range of 'flavour manufactory' Ankerkraut GmbH now consists of four spices.
Photos: Ankerkraut GmbH


Ankerkraut GmbH promotes the four spices in its blog 'Taste of Namibia' (in German) and with a series of videos on a culinary round trip through Namibia. They show spice designer and Ankerkraut founder Stefan Lemcke shopping for ingredients and braaiing (grilling) or cooking, preferably in the wild.

For the new Kalahari salt, the videographer and spice designer stopped off in the Kalahari. There he watched local cooks cooking a potjie (stew). Of course in the traditional tripod pot, on coals, the ingredients layered in the pot and stirring strictly forbidden! At the coast his hosts showed him how they grill fish. However, Lemcke had to pull the main ingredient out of the Atlantic himself on an adventurous tour in a motorboat. The recipes (in German) for the Namibian dishes can be found on the website of the 'flavour manufactory' Ankerkraut.

The marketing campaign is based on a cooperation with the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), the airline Ethiopian Airlines and the Namibian tourism company Gondwana Collection Namibia. "In addition, the booking platform Travely has put together a travel package that follows in the footsteps of the Ankerkraut crew," explains Matthias Lemcke, Acting Area Manager Europe of the NTB in Frankfurt. "And on social media, an influencer campaign will start soon to take this Namibia cross-promotion even further into European markets."


Ankerkraut Taste of Namibia Stefan Lemcke Frederik Breshnef Mandie Gondwana Collection Potjie Kalahari Namibia
Spice designer and videographer Stefan Lemcke (back) with local chefs Frederik, Breshnef and Mandie (Gondwana Collection Namibia) cooking potjies (stews) in the Kalahari.
Photo: Ankerkraut GmbH


Sven-Eric Stender

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