Ovaherero Culture On The Western Edge Of Etosha Park

31 May 2024

The north-west of Namibia is home to the OvaHimba. But that doesn't mean that people from other peoples don't live there too. A new show village, where visitors can experience the culture of the OvaHerero, is a reminder of this.

It is located on the western edge of the Etosha National Park near the Galton Gate. Preserving cultural heritage and generating income – these are the two main objectives that the OvaHerero living there are pursuing with the show village. Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta officially opened it last week.

The new museum for the culture of the OvaHerero is situated near the Galton Gate on the western edge of the Etosha National Park in north-west Namibia.
Map: Google Maps


The show village describes itself as the first recognised museum for the culture of the OvaHerero. Long before the German colonial period, there were already differences to the OvaHimba, who are related to them (more about the OvaHimba on Wikipedia. The distinctions became more pronounced through contact with the Germans, especially in the OvaHerero's way of life and clothing (more about the OvaHerero on Wikipedia).


Herero family in pre-colonial dress and Herero woman with bonnet and dress from colonial and later times. 
Photos: Wikipedia


Holidaymakers in Namibia can find out how the OvaHerero culture has developed over the past 200 years at Ombu Village. Located close to the B 1 trunk road between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo, it is also designed as a show village.

An intensive insight into the culture of the OvaHimba can be gained on the way to the Epupa Falls in north-west Namibia. The OvaHimba Living Museum is located 42 kilometres north of Opuwo on the C43 road. It is one of seven 'living museums' in Namibia that have been established under the umbrella of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia (LCFN) and are supported by LCFN in their marketing.

Sven-Eric Stender

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