New Gondwana Music Video: With 'miles Away' To Sossusvlei

5 May 2023

A new hit by Marc Cohn ('Walking in Memphis')? No. 'Miles Away' is from the same debut album by the American singer-songwriter that was released more than 30 years ago. But it's a new cover version recorded by Namibian musicians. The music video is about to storm the charts on YouTube.

The video 'Miles Away – Destination Namibia' has been released on the YouTube channel of the tourism company Gondwana Collection Namibia. In only four days it has already inspired tens of thousands of users there and on Facebook - with its shots full of colourful contrasts and extraordinary perspectives.


Freedom in the vastness of Namibia at the Fish River Canyon: Snapshot from the music video 'Miles Away - Destination Namibia'  by the tourism company Gondwana Collection Namibia. 
Photo: Screenshot


YouTube users are taken on a short visual trip through southern Namibia. To the flamingos at Sandwich Harbour on the Atlantic coast. To the pans with thousands of flowering lilies at Maltahöhe. Through flowing Riviere (dry rivers). Into the dune sea of the Namib Desert. And to the deep gorges of the second largest canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon.


These are all highlights of the southern half of Namibia, miles apart, as the song 'Miles Away' by Marc Cohn aptly comments. The cover version is a true product "made in Namibia". It was produced by Nautilus Studios in Swakopmund with Namibian musicians like Arthur Daku and Vayozika Ruth Kahuure.

The company Gondwana Collection Namibia has been promoting Namibia as a travel destination for years with professionally produced videos. Its YouTube channel now offers 395 videos and has 11,500 subscribers.


The professional videos come from digital media content agency, Prostudio. At the end of April, Gondwana and Prostudio concluded a shareholding agreement to strengthen the successful cooperation that has lasted for years.


Light and shadow on the dunes of the Namib at Sossusvlei: Snapshot from the music video 'Miles Away - Destination Namibia' of the tourism company Gondwana Collection Namibia. 
Photo: Screenshot


Sven-Eric Stender

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