Ekipa Jewellery, Inspired By Namibia

26 Mar 2021

Inke Stoldt

20 years of EKIPA jewellery. That's a welcome event for The Narrative Namibia Online Shop to celebrate the unique creativity of EKIPA Jewellery & Art on the occasion of Easter. 

Master goldsmith Grit Böttcher founded the local brand in 2001; EKIPA embodies her love of the beautiful Namibian landscapes and unique cultures. The eccentric, often quirky products are inspired by the rich African heritage. By the way, "Ekipa" is the name for the traditional Owambo ornamental button and means "precious jewellery." Whenever possible, locally sourced materials are used.

EKIPA Jewellery & Art supplies both the local and international fashion industry with handcrafted products that illustrate Namibia in a modern and fascinating way. EKIPA jewellery is available at the Namibia Craft Centre in the heart of Windhoek, as well as at selected Gondwana Collection Namibia lodges, among others.

For all those who want to satisfy their longing for Namibia from afar, The Narrative Namibia Online Shop offers an attractive EKIPA selection, including rings made of brushed aluminium and ostrich shells, as well as bracelets made of brightly coloured springbok fur. Take a look for yourself!

Photos: The Narrative Namibia


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