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Kalahari delicacies next to the road

Kalahari truffles can be found in sandy areas of the east of the country after good rains have fallen and preceding winter.

Current Life Along the Okavango River

Come rain or shine, whenever you venture to the Kavango region in the north-eastern part of Namibia, you are greeted with big, friendly smiles.

Padlangs - The flower lady of the North

Driving along the C41 from Okahao to Oshakati on Valentine’s Day, a bright roadside stall caught my eye. A selection of flower arrangements, gift baskets and red roses filled a table and a sign on the roadside wished passers-by a ‘Happy Valentine’s

Padlangs: Meeting Isak !Aochamub & the tale of the vice grip

I met 80-year-old Isak !Aochamub at a service station in Outjo. With his dignified bearing and his advanced age, I guessed that he probably had a name from the Old Testament that he bore proudly like a badge.

Padlangs - Upcycling in rural Namibia

I’m always inspired when driving around Namibia, a country that holds such an important place in my heart. Something that I always notice on my journeys is how innovative Namibians are.

Namibian artist at the Abidjan Green Art Biennale

The first Abidjan Green Arts Biennale, an art event in the Banco National Park in the capital of Côte d'Ivoire, focused on transient works of art by international artists in the midst of a rainforest.

Brötchen- well-known and popular to eat in between

Elongated, with an indent and various colours defined by dough type and flour dusting, filled with cheese, cold cuts or even meatloaf – the ‘brötchen’.

"Coffee is like sex on the palate."

Pour water into the coffee machine, open the bag, spoon coffee into the filter and switch on the machine – it’s that simple. Even simpler: pour boiling water onto instant coffee.

Meeting the Okahandja woodcarvers . . .

All travellers en route from Windhoek to Swakopmund or to the north via Otjiwarongo pass the town of Okahandja, and the first turnoff takes you to the well-known Okahandja woodcarvers’ market.

Meeting Namibians on the journey from Swakop to Palmwag and Epupa . . .

The journey from Gondwana’s Delight hotel in Swakop up the famed Skeleton Coast to Palmwag and then northwards to Omarunga-Epupa Falls Lodge provided a wealth of spectacular landscapes and fascinating stops.

Echoes in the dunes - An exhibition based on ancient African tales

The Fine Art Gallery in Swakopmund will host an entrancing exhibition called Echoes in the Dunes, comprised of three contemporary artists’ work from 6 September to 6 October 2019.

Botswana descendants of Nama hero Simon Kooper revive their culture

The small village of Lokgwabe in Botswana held its annual Nama cultural festival in late August 2019 which was a great success.

Part-time engineer, full-time royalty: The new Ondonga king

Part-time aircraft engineer. Full-time royalty. This is not the kind of job description one sees on a CV every day.

Meeting the Riemvasmakers of Namibia

On the way to Palmwag from Damara Mopane Lodge near Khorixas, I stopped in at the small settlement of Vrede. Vrede looks like any other settlement along the route, but its residents have a very interesting history.

Swakop vellies – handmade shoes from the Namibian coast

Two pieces of leather and a rubber strip made into a comfortable shoe - this handcraft has become an international trademark of the Swakopmund family business of Herbert Schier.

Kaross production – a traditional craft

Tourists travelling to southern Namibia by road often wonder about some beautifully crafted animal-hide products hanging on a farm fence next to the road just 20 km before the small village of Kalkrand, south of Rehoboth.

Café Anton – More than Black Forest gateau

Many travel writers rave about the Black Forest gateau at Café Anton in Swakopmund and about the amazing fact that the most German of all cakes is available in Africa.

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