10th World Giraffe Day: 'Gentle Giants' endangered

Story on World Giraffe Day about the populations of the four giraffe species and their seven subspecies (according to the GCF) in Africa and Namibia.

President of UN General Assembly visits Namibia

The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Dennis Francis visited Namibia in preparation for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future in September.

OvaHerero compile protocol to preserve culture and traditional knowledge

OvaHerero communities in north-west Namibia and south-west Angola have presented their Bio-Cultural Protocol (BCP) on history and customs.

Namibia unveils its first national bio-economy strategy

The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) has published a five-year strategy to develop Namibia's bio-economy on 6 June 2024.

Dining in a truly upscale ambience - in the Windhoek Sky Restaurant

Opened at the end of May, the Windhoek Sky Restaurant in the Independence Memorial Museum building serves exquisite dishes in a truly up-scale ambience.

Researchers use AI: Elephants apparently call each other by name

With the help of AI, researchers found evidence that African savanna elephants probably name each other, call each other and react to their names.

Largest transboundary park branded 'Rivers of Life'

The Kavango Zambezi (KAZA) Conservation Area is now operating under the catchy and visual brand name 'Rivers of Life'. The heads of state of the five partner countries presented the label at their summit meeting in Livingstone, Zambia, at the Victoria Fal

Discover Airlines will also fly from Munich to Windhoek from 2025

Good news for holidaymakers who want to fly non-stop from Europe to Namibia and for whom Munich is easier to reach than Frankfurt: from 1 April 2025, Discover Airlines will also be taking off from the Bavarian capital.

The amazing story of White-backed Vulture J151

Farmer Jürgen Bergmann from the farm Springbokvley east of Windhoek gave me a call late afternoon on the 14th of April 2024 and informed me that he had found a White-backed Vulture that seemed to be very sick at one of his water points. I immediately sus

Namibia's night sky in June: Three planets in the early morning

As in May, the starry sky over Namibia in June is also more interesting in the early morning than in the evening. Three planets of our solar system can be seen. You can also observe shooting stars again and experience dawn of the shortest day after the lo

OvaHerero culture on the western edge of Etosha Park

The north-west of Namibia is home to the OvaHimba. But that doesn't mean that people from other peoples don't live there too. A new show village, where visitors can experience the culture of the OvaHerero, is a reminder of this.

Namibia to have its first biomass power station soon

Namibia's state-owned electricity utility NamPower has set its long-held plan in motion to construct a 40-megawatt biomass power station, which will be fired by wood chips from harvested invader bush species.

Debate in Namibia about new visa requirements for holidaymakers

It is not only Namibia's travel industry that has been fiercely debating the planned new visa requirement since Friday. A wrong signal at the wrong time, say some. High time to demand equal treatment for Namibians travelling abroad, counter others. The ex

Wild horses of the Namib: Enough pasture, but too little water

The Wild Horses of the Namib west of Aus in south-west Namibia are currently doing very well. "All the horses are in good condition", Helen from the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation (NWHF) told "The foals are also thriving. This is thanks to

New fundraising initiative to save Namibia's rhinos

Namibia is home to a population of free roaming black rhinos in the north-western areas, and the Save The Rhino Trust (SRT) has since many years been involved in their protection. This is mainly done through foot patrols over very rough terrain by members

World Bee Day 20 May - Without bees we will not survive

When we think of bees, two things come to mind: a painful sting and sweet honey. We never think that humans and most terrestrial animals would never be able to survive without these little busy insects. Most of the food we consume and enjoy is available b

Experts warn hikers: Fish River Canyon Hike is no walk in the park

There is currently still just enough water on the hiking trail in the Fish River Canyon between the starting point at Hobas and the destination at /Ai-/Ais. But you have to know where to find it. This was explained by participants of the first hiking gro

Namibian president Mbumba attends world hydrogen summit in Rotterdam

Namibian President Nangolo Mbumba promoted Namibia as a future "green" logistics centre for southern Africa, using ammonia as fuel, at this year's World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam. He announced that Africa's first pipeline with green ammonia – once fo

Suspected poachers shot in Etosha

Suspected rhino poachers have been shot dead in the western part of Etosha National Park as part of an anti-poaching operation. This was announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security. According to the media release, a patrol

King of Belgium inaugurates first GH2 fuelling station in Namibia

King Phillipe of Belgium visited Namibia in the first week of May 2024 and together with Namibian president Nangolo Mbumba inaugurated the first green hydrogen fuel station and production plant in the country.

Start of the hiking season: Fish River Canyon has enough water

Good news for hiking fans eagerly awaiting the multi-day hike through the Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia. There is enough fresh water in the canyon. This was announced by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MEFT) and the state-owned rest camp

Namibia's night sky in May: shooting stars in the early morning

In May, the starry sky over Namibia rewards early risers in particular. If you have many wishes and believe in the magical power of shooting stars, you should set your alarm clock to 2.30 am. At this time, the centre of a meteor shower rises above the hor

EmpowHER Namibia – 4 Women, 4 Marathons, 4 Deserts

Friends of running in Europe will soon have Namibia even more on their radar than before. At least that's what the 'EmpowHER Namibia' campaign is aiming at. Last week, four female marathon runners from four different age bands conquered the four deserts o

Namibia's Ministry of Tourism "shocked" about nudism at Sossusvlei

During their visit to Sossusvlei in the heart of the Namib Desert, some tourists took the motto "back to nature" a little too far. A photo of three apparently naked men on 'Big Daddy', which circulated on social media, caused an outraged reaction in Namib

Construction of Daures green hydrogen village nears completion

Thrilling discovery of new bullfrog species after 104 years

It might not appeal to everyone, and it is doubtful if it will change into a prince once kissed, but the announcement of a new African bull frog species in Namibia on 03 April 2024, made international headlines! It is the largest frog species discovered

More 'Comfort Spots' to get out of the car in Etosha National Park

In future, visitors to Etosha National Park will be able to experience nature outside their vehicles in several places. The Namibian online newspaper "The Brief" reports that new fenced-in areas are being created for this purpose. The Ministry of Tourism

Old wound on rhino's leg reveals wire snare

An older rhino cow on a private farm in Namibia, was recently treated successfully by a team of veterinarians specialising in wild animals.

Alte Feste fortress to be revitalised as a tourist attraction

In a year's time, Namibia holidaymakers will have another highlight for their stay in Windhoek: the Alte Feste fortress in the centre of the country's capital. The oldest preserved building in the city is being restored and transformed into a tourist cent

Boost for brown hyena research project

The harsh environment of the southern coastline of Namibia is not for the faint-hearted. That goes for plants, birds and animals as well.

Carnival in Namibia: WiKa in Windhoek celebrates its 70th anniversary

Great hustle and bustle along Independence Avenue on Saturday morning. The roar of motorbikes and marching music, horn concerts and party hits, convoys of vehicles and cheering crowds. The Windhoek Carnival WiKa held its traditional colourful parade throu

Quick and easy visa applications for Namibia

Tourists planning to visit Namibia can now obtain a visa on arrival at more border posts. Since April 2024, tourists can obtain their visa on arrival at the border posts of Ariamsvlei, Noordoewer, Oranjemund, Oshikango and Mohembo. Previously tourists co

Access to Namibia's natural and cultural heritage sites costs more

Namibia holidaymakers who want to see the rock engravings at the World Heritage Site Twyfelfontein will now have to dig a little deeper into their wallets. Since yesterday, 1 April, the guided tour costs 270 Namibia Dollar (almost EUR 13.30; current value

Same time as in Namibia: Europe switches to summer time

After the changeover to European summer time last night, Namibia holidaymakers from Europe no longer have any time difference when flying to Namibia.

Eco-Awards Namibia: No greenwashing like at

You can rely on the Eco-Awards Namibia sustainability seal - in contrast to's discontinued 'Travel Sustainably' programme.

Desert-based economy envisaged in southern Namibia

The small town of Maltahöhe in southern Namibia became a hype of activity recently, when six different projects received a financial boost for the “RuralRevive Initiative”, which is driven by the social foundation of the local Wolwedans tourism group

Discover Airlines lures well-heeled Namibia holidaymakers with oryx goulash

The young Lufthansa subsidiary Discover Airlines is now serving dishes from the countries in its growing portfolio of destinations on long-haul and short-haul flights. The menu includes dishes such as beef roulade with dumplings and Brussels sprouts from

Namibia's population now beyond three million people

The population of Namibia has grown to just over three million inhabitants in the last twelve years, according to preliminary census results released on 13 March 2024.

UN environmental conference tackles climate crisis

​The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) has ended its session in early March 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya and has resolved to intensify the efforts to resolve the “triple crisis” of our planet, which is climate change, nature and biodiversity loss

Namibia highlights importance of World Wildlife Day

The annual World Wildlife Day (WWD) on 03 March 2024 was honoured in New York at the United Nations headquarters while Namibia reflected on successes against poaching.

Namibia Tourism Board wins back destination marketer Lemcke

Rejoicing in Namibia's travel industry: Matthias Lemcke has returned to the Frankfurt office of the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB). Having worked for years as Acting Area Manager Europe & Manager Marketing and PR Europe, he had resigned with effect from 1 No

First global summit to save the Cheetah

The beautiful Cheetah with its characteristic black spots and black facial marks is an endangered species and needs protection. The first ever global Cheetah Summit held recently in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, discussed various measures to save the declining

Public holiday to mourn president - businesses closed on Monday

Namibia will observe an extraordinary public holiday on Monday in a fortnight' time. This was announced by the Namibian Ministry of Information at the weekend. According to the announcement, the state funeral for the late President Hage Geingob will take

A very vocal bird – meet the Red-billed francolin

You hardly see them but during your first night in the African bush, but you will definitely hear them: first a repeated, slow  tuck-tuck-tuck sound, then a quick acceleration in tempo and volume until a dramatic coloratura crescendo at high pitch -  li

Namibia to add more wetlands for conservation

Wetlands on our planet are very important for animals, plants and the climate. Over the last hundred years, many wetlands have disappeared due to drainage, housing construction and climate change. Wetlands must be preserved.

Air traffic in Namibia: not yet at pre-corona level

The number of air travellers in Namibia will probably only return to levels from the time before corona restrictions in the course of this year. This was announced by the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) at its annual general meeting last week. The company

SSASCAL deals with climate change

Climate change is greatly affecting developing countries, but it also brings out efforts to deal with it. A regional institution with its head office in Namibia has over the past decade worked hard to initiate research projects in this regard.

Namibia retains its ranking on global corruption index

The organisation, Transparency International (TI) has at the end of January 2024  released its annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI), with Namibia scoring 49 of possible one hundred points, the same as a year ago.

International Zebra Day: Namibia 'celebrates' two of the three species

It is one of the top stars of Africa's animal world. In the cities of Europe, its main feature can be seen on every street corner. Children around the world know it by its name "Marty" from the US animated blockbuster "Madagascar". And today it is celebra

Half of Namibia is searching for missing self-drive couple

Great excitement on Thursday last week. Two tourists from Germany, who were travelling in Namibia in their own off-road vehicle, went missing. "I got a call from someone from their family who was worried because they hadn't heard from them for many days,"

Internet page available to follow environmental impact studies

A number of environmental sustainability studies are currently underway in Namibia, including mega-projects such as the green hydrogen plant in the south, oil exploration in the Okavango Basin by Recon Africa and several uranium mining projects in the pip

Generous grant for planned wildlife Etosha-Skeleton Coast corridor

Namibia's protection of wildlife has received a boost through secured funding for the next fifty years and beyond, to establish a conservation “bridge” or corridor from the western area of the Etosha National Park to the Skeleton Coast in the north-we

Namibian SIM card especially for holidaymakers

Travellers to Namibia now have two new ways to stay in touch with their loved ones back home during their journey through the land of endless horizons. The Namibian Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC) offers two connectivity packages specially tailore

Sharks at Walvis Bay lagoon saved and back at sea

Monday, 15 January 2024 joggers and dog walkers spotted something unusual: several fins were circling frantically in a tidal pool. A group of juvenile and small sharks were literally stranded after the high tide subsided.

Namibia joins global green financial network

Namibia's central bank has joined the prestigious Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS), a group of central banks and regulators committed to promoting financing for environmental projects in response to climate change.

Sharks help keep climate change at bay

A boat trip from Walvis Bay or Lüderitz on the Atlantic Ocean is a highlight for tourists in Namibia. A champagne breakfast, watching dolphins and seals passing by is pure bliss. When lucky, even a whale or two can be spotted and a shark's fin is the onl

Namibia as safe as Germany or France

Reassuring news for travellers to Namibia: Travelling in the land of endless horizons is as safe as in many European countries. This is according to the Travel Risk Map published by the organisation International SOS.

Africa's birds of prey need protection

A visit to north-eastern Namibia includes the Okavango and Zambezi Rivers with their river banks showcasing lush vegetation, and an amazing birdlife. But raptors in Namibia and in Africa need more protection. This goes for eagles and their lesser respecte

Offroad driving in Namibia taken to the limit

During the just ended holiday season at the central coast, a Vasbyt rally outside the port of Walvis Bay was one of the main attractions.

Namibia starts the New Year 2024 with confidence

Start of the New Year 2024 in Namibia with New Year's message from President Geingob, wave of return travellers at the end of the holidays and an accident.

Namibia's year 2023 in highlights

Travel destination Namibia still on the upswing, winter rains of the century, festivals of three ethnic groups, 100-year commemoration in Okahandja and green light for green hydrogen. As 2023 draws to a close, looks back at a few outstanding

The Namibian government secures equity green hydrogen project

Namibia has taken an important next step to realise its massive ten-billion-Euro green hydrogen project by concluding an equity agreement for a 24 percent stake with the company Hyphen Hydrogen Energy.

Communal conservation in Namibia on the right track

NACSO and the MEFT once again draw a positive balance of nature conservation in Namibia's communal areas in their recently published Annual Report 2022.

Namibia signs new economic agreement with EU

Namibia has signed a new economic partnership agreement with the European Union on 18 December 2023 after it had initially said a month ago it would not sign.

Namibia on alert against theft of rare plants

The various landscapes of Namibia also characteristically have several unique and rare endemic plant species like the ancient Welwitschia or Elephant's Foot (Adenia pechuelii) and aloes.

Experience tip for Windhoek: The Botanical Garden

It is located in the heart of Windhoek. Most holidaymakers see it as they drive past without recognising it. And it's not really a garden at all: the Botanical Gardens. But anyone who is enthusiastic about Namibia's nature should definitely visit it. Pref

Germany continues to support Namibia’s sustainable development

Namibia has signed three different loan agreements with Germany's development bank in December 2023 accumulating to approximately 1,8 billion N$ for projects in the water, electricity and agricultural sector.

Why does Namibia honour its women on Human Rights Day - on 2 days?

The 10th of December is dedicated to human rights worldwide. Also and especially in Namibia, as it has declared the day a public holiday. However, Namibians primarily honour their women. And this year they are not limiting themselves to 10 December, but a

Successes for Namibia during climate summit in Dubai

Namibia has seized the opportunity to conclude several agreements during this year's climate summit (COP28) in Dubai in December 2023.

Kelp Blue wins Sustainability award and issues Blue Bonds

The Namibian subsidiary of the Dutch company Kelp Blue has received a sustainability award at the climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and announced more investments by issuing blue bonds.

Take care during the rainy season In Kaokoland

After suffering from a devastating drought that lasted more than a decade, the drought in large parts of Kaokoland has finally been broken.

Increasing number of giraffes in north-west Namibia

The so-called desert giraffes apparently feel at home in the northern Namib Desert. "The giraffe population in northwest Namibia has increased steadily", reported the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) in its latest newsletter. From July 2022 to June 2

Namibia's Cheetah Conservation fund present at climate conference

The fastest animal in the world, the cheetah is a severely threatened species and climate change adds to its plight. Since its establishment in Namibia over thirty years ago, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) near Otjiwarongo has played an important rol

Namibia celebrates first rain of the season

Flowing dry rivers and washed-out roads - that's what tour guides are reporting from north-west Namibia. Especially north-west of Opuwo it has rained heavily. According to a post by the Namibia from the Roadside Group on Facebook, a bridge on the C 43 gra

Namibia active participant at climate summit in Dubai

This year's annual climate summit, starting on 30 November 2023, will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Namibia will display its pavilion on opening day.

FlyNamibia plans to fly to three new regional destinations in 2024

From the beginning of April 2024, travellers will also be able to fly to the Victoria Falls from Windhoek with FlyNamibia. This was announced by the private Namibian airline in a press release. It will offer three flights a week from Hosea Kutako Internat

Balancing the environment and the human footprint

In southern Namibia there are several protected areas established by private initiatives like Gondwana Collection Namibia and the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. They have tourism lodges and camping – or rather glamping - facilities in spectacular landscapes

Young Namibians offered apprenticeships in Germany

Unemployment among the youth is topical in many developing and industrialised nations. Contributing to the situation is a skills gap. To literally “bridge the gap” Namibia's government investment authority joined up with the Goethe Institute in Namibi

BBC photo competition - Namibia motif selected as category winner

Among the 50 finalists were two photo motifs from Namibia - and one of them took first place in one of the five categories.

Carnival in Namibia: Kick-off event for the 70th WIKA in Windhoek

Just in time for 11 November, the fifth season has also begun in Namibia, as the German-speaking jesters like to call their carnival season. In Windhoek, however, the kick-off event did not start at 11.11 as usual, but at 18.33. "It is the 70th season of

Discover Airlines: Namibia first destination for plane with new livery

Namibian holidaymakers were the first Discover Airlines passengers to fly in an Airbus A330 with the new livery and logo. They boarded the aircraft in Frankfurt on Friday evening and disembarked at Hosea Kutako International Airport near Windhoek on Satur

Lüderitz Speed Challenge: Almost 90 km/h despite 'weak' wind

The wind has not yet shown its strongest side and is blowing from a bad angle. And yet the speed windsurfers are racing along the shallow water channel near the coastal town of Lüderitz in southern Namibia at speeds of almost 90 kilometres per hour.

Namibia breaks new ground for Africa's first green iron plant

A ground-breaking ceremony, for the construction of Africa’s first decarbonised iron manufacturing plant by means of green hydrogen took place near Arandis in Namibia's Erongo Region on 06 November 2023. This ushered in a new era of industrialisation.

Celebrating Namibia's cultural diversity

The first weekend in November 2023 was a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Namibian people.

Tiny transmitters to protect precious animal species

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, the protection of wildlife through tracking is also becoming more sophisticated.

Namibia Tourism Board lost its 'face' in Frankfurt

He has introduced Namibia to hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and put it on their hearts. And yet, unbelievable as it may sound, hardly any of these hundreds of thousands know him: Matthias Lemcke, an employee of the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) i

Namibia strengthens economic ties with EU

Namibia and the European Union have assured cooperation with each other in the transition towards green energy, which will not only reduce CO2 emissions but will lead to green industrial development.

Two Namibia motifs in the top 10 of a BBC photo competition

The BBC's wildlife magazine 'Discover Wildlife' is looking for the best 'wildlife' photo of the year. On a website for the competition 'Wildlife Photography Awards 2023', the magazine presents the ten finalists in each of five categories.

Namibia's Olympic medallist supports school girls

Namibia’s 200m running sensation and Tokyo 2020 Olympics silver medallist, Christine Mboma has signed an agreement with the Rob Youth Foundation (RYF) to support girls who are in need of sanitary pads.

Great snipe makes Avis Dam a Mecca for birdwatchers

In the recreation area around the reservoir on the eastern edge of Windhoek, walkers have been confronted with a curious sight for the past two weeks. On the floodplain-like lowland on the south-eastern shore of the lake, photographers stand next to each

Namibia's Tree of the Year 2023: Silver Cluster-Leaf

Its wood is not only yellowish, but also hard and termite-resistant. This is why it is often used as a building material and for making fence posts and furniture. Namibia officially unveiled the Silver Cluster-Leaf (Terminalia sericea) as the Tree of the

Namibia and South Africa seek closer economic cooperation

Namibia and South Africa have entered a new chapter in regard to their bilateral relations, seeking close cooperation in cross-border value chain opportunities and the energy sector like oil, gas and green hydrogen.

Giraffe successfully relocated in southern Namibia

Drought conditions also affect wildlife. In southern Namibia with its spectacular wide-open spaces another impact can be strong sand storms, blowing sand layers over grass. This prevents livestock and wild animals from grazing.

Turkish Airlines to offer passenger flights to Namibia soon

Windhoek is one of 53 new destinations Turkish Airlines plans to add to its network by the end of this year. This is reported by the South African travel news portal TravelNews, citing a roadshow presentation by the airline. The report does not say how ma

Namibian H.E.S.S. Telescope discovers high energy rays

The H.E.S.S. gamma ray telescope stationed near the Gamsberg some 100km west of Windhoek has detected a new component of higher energies from a burnt-out star.

Satellite collars for desert-adapted elephants

The non-governmental organisation “Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA)” has recently fitted another desert-adapted elephant with a collar carrying a satellite tracking device to monitor its movements.

Hamburg School Group on working visit to primary school in Namibia

As always, the needs of the government school ǂNabasib were identified in advance. In addition to the renovation, an improved water supply and the vegetable garden for the school kitchen, there was also a large donation in kind. The two teachers from Ham

Bricklaying ceremony for first green hydrogen refuelling station

History was made when the bricklaying ceremony for Africa’s first public green hydrogen refuelling station took place on 28 September 2023 in Walvis Bay.

Charcoal factory inaugurated in Erongo Region

The fledgling charcoal industry in Namibia has received another boost with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art factory in Arandis near Swakopmund at the end of September 2023.

FlyNamibia flies again between Windhoek and Walvis Bay

The private Namibian airline FlyNamibia continues to expand its flight network. From 29 October, it will again connect Windhoek and the port city of Walvis Bay. 

Namibia celebrates World Rhino Day on 22 September

Environmentalists in many countries celebrate World Rhino Day on 22 September to raise awareness for these animals, which are critically endangered due to poaching and illegal trade with their horns.

Gondwana launches 'Tourism Heroes' campaign against crime

Not only Namibia's travel industry, but all Namibians should welcome visitors, assist them when needed and ensure their safety. Representatives of Namibia's government, parliament and travel companies called for this - at the official launch of the 'Touri

Discover Airlines: Windhoek as hub for southern Africa

Namibia holidaymakers will be the first Discover Airlines passengers to board an A330 with a new livery and logo. This was announced by the Lufthansa subsidiary at the celebration of its new brand identity at Midgard, northeast of Windhoek. It was the fir

Recycling waste in the Etosha National Park

September 16 is the annual World Cleanup Day. The aim is to mobilise everybody worldwide, governments and the private sector alike to clean up their surroundings or a specific area.

Support for small farmers a boost for food security

A recently started project to diversify rural livelihoods and foster resilience among 6.100 rural smallhold farming households is showing good results. 

Travel industry tightens precautionary measures against crime

After several robberies of holidaymakers, the travel industry has called for increased vigilance and tightened its precautionary measures against crime. Tourists were robbed of valuables such as laptops, mobile phones and cameras, especially in Windhoek a

First spotless giraffe in the wild spotted in Namibia

Giraffe experts are baffled: In Namibia, a young giraffe was born without a spot pattern - only a few weeks after the same thing happened in a zoo in the USA. However, the two cases involve different giraffe species.

More cooperation between government and biomass industry

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism has emphasised at the just ended Biomass Fair 2023 the government's wish for more cooperation with the industry.

Reckless holidaymakers quickly rapped on the knuckles - thanks to WhatsApp

With the help of its WhatsApp group, the Namibian travel industry reacted quickly to the misbehaviour of tourists. In one case, motorcyclists paid a fine, in the other case, self-drivers apologised for their reckless driving. 

Namibia successfully combats bush encroachment

In Namibia, bush thinning or bush harvesting has become a successful niche industry, creating jobs and diversifying the agricultural sector. Charcoal production has become an addtional income for farmers.

New railway to link Namibia and Botswana

Namibia and Botswana have decided to go ahead with the construction of the Trans-Kalahari railway, which will go beyond western Botswana to the Namibian border.

Young Lufthansa subsidiary renames itself discover airlines

The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings Discover is parting with the brand name of its older sister Eurowings and is now officially called discover airlines.

Sendelingsdrif border post open again

Good news for holidaymakers who want to experience the |Ai |Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park in Namibia and South Africa: The border crossing at Sendelingsdrif is now open again. This was announced by the South African park authority SANParks.

Tenth annual mining conference and expo a success

Namibia's Chamber of Mines (CoM) has once again hosted a successful conference on 30 and 31 August 2023 for the mining sector at the expo with over 150 exhibitors and seats fully booked for the presentations and podium discussions. 

WHO Director General on official visit to Namibia

The Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has for the first time visited Namibia at the end of August 2023.

Hundreds of OvaHerero march to graves of their chiefs

Tentatively and smokily, small flames licked at the logs in the centre of the circle of white-coloured stones. The cool air smelled smoky. The clatter of pots and shouts echoed from the tents and cars at the edge of the large rectangular square. Individua

Winter rains make Namib Desert blossom

Instead of stones and gravel, suddenly blossom after blossom as far as the eye can see. This miracle of nature can currently be experienced in the southwest of Namibia.

Annual Ongwediva Trade Fair the biggest in Namibia

From 25 August to 02 September all roads lead to Ongwediva for the annual trade fair in north-central Namibia, the biggest commercial trade event in Namibia.

More patrols in Etosha National Park to curb wire-traps

On 21 August, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) explained it has in the past three months intensified its patrols at the Okaukuejo rest camp and surroundings as more wire snares were noticed.

OvaHerero commemorate Maharero's 'homecoming' 100 years ago

Dressed in more or less light brown uniforms, hundreds of men stand in front of the station building. Not at attention, but orderly in rows. Some older ones sit, obviously tired from waiting for hours. Suddenly a whistle sounds from a distance, then a sof

Namibia has huge potential for future energy mix

Namibia has far bigger offshore gas reserves than anticipated, which will also be significant regarding future electricity exports to neighbouring countries.

Change in flight handling causes cancellation of Namibia flights

Hundreds of Namibia holidaymakers were unable to land in or depart from Windhoek over the weekend. Eurowings Discover diverted two flights to Johannesburg and cancelled eight connections. Qatar Airways postponed one flight from Saturday to Sunday. 

Japan keen on Namibia's lithium and green hydrogen

Namibia is increasingly becoming a favourable investment destination for green energy, with Japan the latest country to secure access to green hydrogen and lithium in the country.

Poaching: Ground pangolin almost as affected as rhino

Its natural protection is also its greatest mortal danger: the armour of the pangolin, which consists of scaly horn plates. This is because the scales are considered a remedy in Asia, similar to the horn of the rhinoceros. Although scientists have not fou

Amazing species diversity of Petal-Bushes in the Namib

The most plant species in the smallest space can be found where it rains a lot. Like in the Amazon rainforest. The plant genus Petalidium, however, seems to turn this rule of thumb on its head. Because 37 of its 39 species, which are known worldwide so fa

Qatar Airways suspends Namibia flights from November to March

Qatar Airways will not fly to Windhoek during the low season. This was announced by the airline to the travel industry at the end of last week. According to the announcement, all flights between Doha and Windhoek will be cancelled from and including 23 No

Namibia's veterinary students also familiar with game

The University of Namibia (UNAM) is one of the few institutions in the world that trains its veterinary students in the treatment of game. This was explained by the experienced veterinarian and lecturer of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UNAM, Dr Mar

E-bike tour with competition promotes 'green' destination Namibia

Yes, e-bikes are also very trendy in Namibia. But no: there is no e-bike tour with a solar generator through the land of endless horizons. Even the two adventurers Roman Königshofer and Christian Riefenberg from Austria had a non-solar-powered back-up fo

From Windhoek to Lüderitz in just one hour

Those who want to experience the ghost town of Kolmanskop or the species-rich Succulent Karoo on their Namibia trip have a new time-saving option to choose from. The private Namibian airline FlyNamibia started flying back and forth between Windhoek and L

Namibia flights by Eurowings Discover are back to normal

Namibia holidaymakers who booked their flights with Eurowings Discover no longer need to brace themselves for extended flight times. "Since Saturday, the flight route is again via Niger," the press office of the holiday airline replied yesterday in respon

Namibian economics to the point – July 2023

July’s winter weather was a mix of warm days with two very cold spells in between, causing temperatures to drop below zero degrees and bringing snow to Aus in southern Namibia and a few spots west of Windhoek in the Khomas Hochland.  Namibia has sig

Cold front brings night frost and snow

Namibia's weather is pressing all the buttons this winter. After exceptionally heavy winter rain at the end of June and a severe sandstorm lasting several days in mid-July, the country was hit by a cold front last weekend.

Coup in Niger - EW Discover had to postpone two Namibia flights

Hundreds of Namibia holidaymakers waited in vain to board their flights in Frankfurt and Windhoek yesterday. The press office of Eurowings Discover (discover airlines) informed that two flights had to be postponed due to the closed airspace o

FlyNamibia flights now bookable worldwide via GDS

You can now book a FlyNamibia flight not only directly, but also through a travel agent from anywhere in the world. The connections and additional services of the private Namibian airline are listed in the Global Distribution System (GDS) with immediate e

Fairy circle research: Self-organisation of grasses 'physically impossible'

In the scientific debate about the cause of the mysterious bald circles in grasslands on the eastern edge of the Namib Desert, the termite theory remains the only sound explanation. This is the result of the article "Sand termite herbivory causes Namibia'

Edelweiss and KLM plan to fly to Namibia

Namibia fans in Switzerland and Holland may soon be able to reach their dream holiday destination even more comfortably. The Swiss airline Edelweiss Air and the Dutch airline KLM are planning connections to Windhoek. This was reported by the online news p

Training programme for tour guides relaunched

In future, Namibian tourists are to be guided through the country even better and more competently than before. The Namibian Academy for Tourism and Training (NATH) wants to contribute to this with many new training modules for tour guides.

Namibia's first ever report about successes against poaching

Wild animals, birds, reptiles and lately even plants in many countries need more and more protection and Namibia is no exception. Rhinos, elephants and pangolins are the main targets of international syndicates.

Cleaning up after a heavy sandstorm in the Namib Desert

Water points filled with sand and cars sandblasted: Extremely strong east wind phenomenon causes sandstorm in Namib Desert for days.

N7 trunk road and Vioolsdrif/Noordoewer border post reopened

N7 trunk road and Vioolsdrif/Noordoewer border post are open again, there is a temporary detour at the damaged section of the N7 road.

discover airlines: New wineskin for young wine

The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings Discover wants to be called discover airlines in future and thus part with the brand name of its older sister Eurowings.

Rain flood washes out N7 trunk road: Vioolsdrif border post closed

N7 trunk road closed, Vioolsdrif/Noordoewer border post closed: Rain floods cause blockage of main Namibia-South Africa highway.

Namibian economics to the point – June 2023

The winter weather in June was rather mild but during the last week of the month a cold front caused temperatures to drop below zero, rainfalls in the southern parts of the country and even snow in the western parts of the Khomas Hochland. The prime m

Exceptionally good winter rain promises sea of flowers in the Namib

In southwestern Namibia, a cold front is currently causing an unusually high amount of rain. "From Monday until now, we have already measured more than 50 mm," reports Piet Swiegers from Desert Horse Inn near Aus yesterday noon. "In the adjacent Tsau ǁKh

Watching 'monsters of destruction' in space from the Gamsberg

Namibia is to help 'film' a black hole for the first time. Heino Falcke, professor of astroparticle physics and radio astronomy at Radboud University in Nijmegen, said this at the Namibia Scientific Society in Windhoek earlie

In support of the environment - Namibia to soon ban single-use plastics

The month of June is particularly important for the environment of our planet when the international Day of the Environment is celebrated on 05 June, followed by the World Ocean Day three days later later on 8 June and rounded off with the Desertification

World Giraffe Day: GCF urges protection of the 'gentle giants'

It is considered extinct in seven countries in Africa. It no longer exists in almost 90 per cent of its 1700s range. Only just under 30 per cent of the areas where it occurs today are protected in the form of national parks. Their total number is estimate

Dehorned black rhinos have much smaller home ranges

In South Africa and Namibia, rhinos often have their horns removed so that poachers do not find it worthwhile to hunt them. But many conservationists and researchers criticise the measure as harmful to the animals concerned. A study published this week pr

Spice brand Ankerkraut introduces two new Namibia spices

Namibia fans in Europe can soothe their longing for the country of their dreams in their kitchen - and now twice as well as before. The spice brand Ankerkraut, well-known in Germany, has added two spices to its Namibia range: Namib Curry and Kalahari Ur-S

Celebrating Omagongo – An Intangible Heritage of the Aawambo

Crowds of people began gathering at the homestead of Ombalantu Chief Oswin Mukulu at Ohamautsi village in Outapi on Friday, 2 June 2023 to celebrate the annual Omagongo Cultural Festival (Omaango Cultural Festival in Oshimbaanhu, a dialect of Oshiwambo) h

Classical music meets Kwaito: Successful concert experiment in Windhoek

When the concert was announced, many reacted sceptically. Mixing kwaito from the townships of Southern Africa with classical music from faraway Europe? Even more: Kwaito songs performed together by a classical orchestra, choir and band? But the scepticism

Water for Wild Horses of the Namib secured for the time being

The new drinking trough at the Garub 1 borehole has been completed and the Garub 2 borehole has been cleaned. This means that the water supply for the Wild Horses of the Namib close to the historic railway station Garub near Aus in southwestern Namibia is

Namibian economics to the point – May 2023

The Namibian summer extended into May this year including rainfalls but a sudden cold spell in the last few days of the month brought the realisation that winter has arrived.

Cheetah mother from Namibia loses three of her four babies in India

The cheetah reintroduction programme in India has suffered another major setback. Three of the four babies born in March died last week. The fourth is apparently well. The mother had arrived in Kuno National Park in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh last

New book warns of shrinking forests in Namibia

Namibia's forests do not correspond to the usual ideas or definitions. However, if one uses the classification of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), an estimated 66,000 square kilometres fall into the category of forest are

Storm of indignation over car tracks in Sossusvlei

After the off-road orgy of reckless drivers in Sossusvlei, the park authority of the Namib Naukluft National Park is under criticism. Namibia's main attraction in the middle of the Namib Dune Sea World Heritage Site should be more strictly controlled and

Namibia's tourism sector invests in young talent and skilled workers

Train even more and better. These are the main goals that hospitality companies and training institutions in Namibia want to strive for in closer cooperation in the future. At the congress of the Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN), a joint roadmap f

Butterflies in Namibia - small, but beautiful

Namibia offers a huge variety of attractions and tailor made tours are available for geology fans, stargazers, hobby botanists, bird lovers and snake and lizard enthusiasts.

Grief and joy regarding cheetahs from Namibia and South Africa in India

The cheetah reintroduction programme in India is facing setbacks. A female died from fatal injuries sustained during mating. This means that three of the 20 cheetahs from South Africa and Namibia that had been brought to India's Kuno National Park have no

Falling rand exchange rate makes for fuller travel coffers

For Namibia holidaymakers from Europe or the USA, travelling in Namibia has become almost ten percent cheaper in recent weeks. The reason: the South African Rand (ZAR) has lost a lot of value against the Euro and the US Dollar. The Namibia Dollar is pegge

WHO: Global health emergency because of Corona is over

Holidaymakers can now also take long-distance trips with even more peace of mind than before. The World Health Organisation (WHO) lifted the international health emergency it had declared more than a year ago because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Gondwana music video: With 'Miles Away' to Sossusvlei

A new hit by Marc Cohn ('Walking in Memphis')? No. 'Miles Away' is from the same debut album by the American singer-songwriter that was released more than 30 years ago. But it's a new cover version recorded by Namibian musicians. The music video is about

Press Freedom Index: Nambia ranks four places higher than the UK

The sense of freedom that holidaymakers feel in the vastness of Namibia's landscapes can also be sensed - albeit to a lesser extent - in the country's news coverage. In terms of press freedom, the land of endless horizons has regained its top position wit

Namibian economics to the point - April 2023

The Namibian summer ended with sudden rainfalls in the last week of the month after a below average rainy season, drought is looming in some areas. Namibia will soon have its first wind power plant, which is to deliver 50 megawatt electricity. The cou

Little water on hiking route in the Fish River Canyon

Water supply points for hikers will be set up on the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail. This was announced yesterday by the state-owned accommodation operator Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR). Within the river section in the Canyon there is hardly any drinkabl

New attraction in the mining town of Tsumeb: Mineralogy Museum opened

Tsumeb is a household name for mineral fans worldwide. Nowhere else on earth have so many minerals been discovered as in this mining town in northern Namibia. A considerable part of these minerals is now accessible to Namibian holidaymakers directly in th

First Namibian opera 'Chief Hijangua' to be performed in Berlin

After its great success in Namibia, the first Namibian(-German) opera will also be staged in Germany. 'Chief Hijangua' by composer Eslon Hindundu and librettist Nikolaus Frei is on the repertoire in Berlin next September.

Indigenous knowledge preserved for future generations

Tourists coming to Namibia enjoy the cultural exchange with different population groups to discover more about their traditions, lifestyle and their centuries’ old knowledge about wildlife and the use of plants.

High culinary art in Namibia: hosted by German "Rôtisseurs"

It was not only the variety of animals and landscapes or the friendliness of the people that impressed the German members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs on their trip to Namibia. They were also thrilled by their culinary experiences.

Website dedicated to the plants of Namibia

Welwitschia, Quiver tree, Hoodia. Lithops, Baobab. Not to forget the camel thorn tree. Despite its rather dry climate, Namibia has an amazingly diverse and fascinating flora. A good overview and introduction is provided by the new website of the Botanical

Okapuka awakens to new life after renovation

"Beautiful!" - "Open terraces, beautiful facilities." - "I like the colour scheme." - "Every room looks a little different." - "The lodge invites you to stay." Many of the approximately 250 invited guests from Namibia's travel industry were impressed by t

Namibian economics to the point - March 2023

In March most parts of Namibia experienced little rain and in areas where rainfalls were recorded it came late as some crops already wilted. Communal and commercial farmers are concerned about a possible drought looming in the coming months. In the Ero

Independence Museum brings apartheid-era Namibian pop culture to life

Namibia holidaymakers in Windhoek can now take an acoustic trip back to the pre-independence era. The new permanent exhibition "Stolen Moments" at the Independence Museum in Windhoek is now open to visitors, co-curator Olivia Nakale told NamibiaFocus toda

Fairy circles: How termites farm sustainably in the Namib Desert

The newly published book "Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert" does not provide a sensational new discovery about the bare circles on the eastern edge of the Namib Desert. The riddle of the fairy circles has long been solved, their mystery "disenchanted" ye

German travel experts experience Namibia "with heart and soul"

The land of endless horizons is richer by 16 enthusiastic fans who belong to the German travel industry. That was the conclusion of an eight-day info tour of the German B2B portal expipoint. The airline Eurowings Discover and the Namibian tourism company

Explore Namibia and share sightings on a digital atlas

In Namibia locals and visitors alike enjoy sharing their photos of animals, birds and interesting plants, which they encounter on their trips, on social media.

Roads along the Gariep (Orange) River passable again

Namibia travellers can once again use the direct route from Noordoewer to Rosh Pinah and Oranjemund. The closure of the DR 212 and MR 118 gravel roads has been lifted with immediate effect, according to Namibia's Roads Authority

Namibia shows its colours on the MICE market sustainably

European representatives from the "Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events" (MICE) sector took part in the MICE Trophy 2023 in February. Stops of the adventure tour In Namibia were Sossusvlei, Moon Landscape, Swakopmund and the Khomas Hochland.

Namibian economics to the point - February 2023

February has brought mainly sporadic rainfall and long dry spells in-between, which interrupted plant growth on many crop fields. Namibia and Botswana have launched a joint initiative to ease border crossing for citizens of both countries. They will on

Namibia's racing dunes measured and dust found in the South Pole

The country has the highest wandering sand dunes in the world, like at the tourism hotspot Sossusvlei, but did you know that they are now also regarded among the fastest moving dunes and this since a million years.

Road along Gariep (Orange) River closed

Those who want to drive from the Noordoewer border crossing to Rosh Pinah in southern Namibia will have to take a long detour. The DR 212 road along the Gariep (Orange) River is now closed until further notice, Namibia's Roads Authority (RA) announced.

Fairy circles of the Namib - Ecosystem modeller contradicts himself

In October 2022, he had still spread it on thick in his media release: The mystery of the fairy circles in the Namib had finally been solved. It was not termites that produced the bald circles, he claimed, but the grasses themselves. This was confirmed by

The pangolin needs protection - "every scale counts"

Two local families and their friends from Austria had a rare and fascinating encounter on a camping tour in Namibia recently. The shy creature full of scales almost looks like a small dinosaur. "Our tour guide told us it is a scaly ant eater, also call

Namibian economics to the point – January 2023

Good rains at the beginning of the year in central Namibia and the central north have given rise to optimism in the agricultural sector. But the good rain also brought flooding to the north-central regions, due to heavy rains across the border in southern

Rocky Point Revealed

There is much more to this remote outpost along the northern Skeleton Coast. With his well-known dogged determination to track down sources to interview and spending countless hours poring over archival material, well-known conservationist and author Pete

Good rains in North flood iishanas and cause ‘efundja’

Among several local words tourists quickly pick up when they visit Namibia is ‘oshana’. It is the Oshiwambo word for low-lying areas or depressions in the white sands among omulunga palm trees so characteristic for the north-central regions. During a

Permanent exhibition on Namibia's underground pop culture still closed

Although it officially opened in early December, the new exhibition "Stolen Moments" at the Independence Museum in Windhoek is not yet open to visitors. Some elements are still being worked on, co-curator Olivia Nakale told News. Unfortunate

Namibian economics to the point – December 2022

The month of December brought welcome rains to several parts of Namibia and Windhoek experienced flash floods during a cloudburst. Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate action Robert Habeck officially visited Namibia before proceeding t

Request to visitors: "Do not touch dead trees in Dead Vlei".

Outrage on social media: A so-called influencer poses on one of the dead camel thorn trees in Dead Vlei near Sossusvlei. And proudly posts it on Instagram. Not for long, though. The "shitstorm" of comments is so intense that he first deletes the photo and

The Moringa is a tree full of wonders

It looks like a phantom and there is a whole forest of them in the Etosha National Park; when their seeds ripen and the pods burst open, it makes quite a loud pop: but the Moringa tree can do even more, for its medicinal benefits are immense. It is not fo

Namibia's six-month visa makes headlines in Germany

"The former German colony, Namibia wants to help Germany in its energy crisis". This is how an article in the online edition of the BILD newspaper last Saturday began about Namibia's new "Digital Nomad" visa. The six-month visa is ideal for long-term holi

Namibian economics to the point – November 2022

November was a very hot month with little rainfall as relief, except in the southern parts. The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings has started flights from Frankfurt via Windhoek to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Namibia has secured huge loans an

Statue of "city founder" Curt von Francois dismantled

The statue of the German Schutztruppen commander Curt von Francois was removed yesterday morning from its place in front of the Windhoek municipality. The city council had voted at the end of October to move the statue to the Windhoek City Museum.

Namibia secures huge loans at COP27 climate summit

Namibia has secured huge sums in loans and grants at the start of the international climate summit (Conference of Parties 27 – COP 27) in Egypt, to develop its green hydrogen industry. At the same time Namibia launched a new financing platform and signe

Latest solution to the fairy circle riddle does not hold water

A new study by researcher Getzin claims to have solved the mystery of the fairy circles in the Namib. But the "solution" is well-known and questionable.

Namibian economics to the point – October 2022

October started with rains countrywide mixed with hailstorms as a surprise, which resulted in large areas covered in white. The container terminal at the port of Walvis Bay will be outsourced to the Swiss company TIL, which is the major shareholder in

H.E.S.S. Observatory celebrates 20 year anniversary

Namibia, with its clear skies, is a popular spot for stargazers, amateur astronomers and scientists. The country hosts the largest array of telescopes, to explore cosmic gamma rays, worldwide since 2002. The scientific fraternity celebrated the array’s

Pregnant rhino falls victim to poachers

The fight against poaching also suffers repeated setbacks in Namibia. Only a week ago, Environment Minister Pohamba Shifeta announced the current number of discovered poached rhinos: 55. That is already eleven more than in the entire year 2021. Four days

Predators of the Namib live on NamibiaCam

There are no lions in the dunes in southwestern Namib of Namibia. But there is the number two big cat, its smaller cousin, also spotted, and other predators. They all cause excitement, time and again for fans of the NamibiaCam, which is installed at a wat

Namibian economics to the point – September 2022

September was a month with two seasons, sudden cold spell between warmer spring weather and a few drops of rain. The Namibian Competition Commission has approved the takeover of Namibian Breweries by the Dutch beer giant Heineken, but with several cond

Eurowings Discover will not cancel flights to Namibia

Holidaymakers who want to fly with Eurowings Discover to the land of unlimited horizons in the (European) winter can breathe a sigh of relief: flights to Windhoek are not affected by the announced flight cancellations.

Namibia on a successful tour in Europe

The Namibia Roadshow of the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) with stops in Germany, the Netherlands and England was very well received by the tour operators there. "The interest was huge," Acting Area Manager Europe & Manager Marketing and PR Europe of the NTB

The desert adapted lions of Namibia

The remote Skeleton Coast in northwestern Namibia, where mountains and sand dunes meet, and the rough seas. of the Atlantic Ocean swirls around the rusty frames of many shipwrecks. However, the Skeleton Coast offers other unusual experiences as well – l

Cheetahs from Namibia have arrived in India

Cheetahs are back in India. Seven decades after this cat species was declared extinct there. Two days ago, eight cheetahs from Namibia arrived in Kuno National Park in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, the three males and five fema

Successful trail running event at Farm Moonraker

"It felt like it was uphill the whole time," explains one trail runner as she catches her breath after crossing the finish line. All participants agree: the Gondwana Moonraker Ridge Trail Run through the African bush savannah at the foot of the Auas Mount

Hiker dies in Fish River Canyon

Tragic incident in Africa's largest canyon. A 67-year-old hiker from South Africa died shortly before reaching the finish point of the Fish River Canyon Trail. This was reported by the online newspaper Informanté with reference to the police.

Namibia successfully tackles climate change

Climate change is real and is not only noticeable in Africa. Europe has also experienced it in recent months, with very low rainfalls, rivers drying up and an increase in forest fires.

Chief Hijangua - Standing ovation for Namibia's first opera

The opera "Chief Hijangua" by Namibian composer Eslon Vakomboka Hindundu was performed with great success in Windhoek. "Both evenings were sold out," says project manager Anja Panitz. "What we are most pleased about is that the audience was very mixed in

Naute Dam celebrates 50th anniversary

"On 9 September the Naute Dam near Keetmanshoop will be officially opened by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water Affairs, J. P. Kriel. The Mayor of Keetmanshoop, W. K. Steyn, will on this occasion commission the filtration plant and the pumpi

Gondwana takes over management of Okapuka

The company Gondwana Collection Namibia, is establishing another foothold in the greater Windhoek area. According to this morning's press release, Gondwana is taking over the management of Okapuka Game Ranch. The lodge is situated about 30 minutes by car

Namibian economics to the point – August 2022

The Namibian government has dropped all regulations with regard to Covid-19 in mid-August. No negative PCR tests are required anymore when entering Namibia. Similarly, no vaccination certificates are required at entry points and border posts anymore. Covi

Namibia scraps all Corona entry requirements

Anyone travelling to Namibia does not need to present proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test on arrival. This was stated yesterday by Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula in his weekly briefing on the Corona situation in Namibia.

Trail run on Farm Moonraker near Windhoek

Premiere for an extraordinary run through nature east of Windhoek: The first Gondwana Moonraker Ridge Trail will take place on the Moonraker farm at the foot of the Auas Mountains in mid-September. The organisers are Gondwana Collection Namibia and Moonra

Namibia’s lone stone men at Venice Biennale

Namibia is represented at the "La Biennale di Venezia" for the first time in 2022 with the stone sculptures of the anonymous Namibian artist RENN.

Face of the Lufthansa Group in Namibia

She already took up her postition on 1 July. But now all communication channels have been set up so that she can be reached directly: The Lufthansa Group's Account Manager in Namibia, Renette Scholtz. She is the contact person not only for the travel indu

Colourful Carmine Bee-eaters at Zambezi Mubala Lodge and Camp

What a cheerful fluttering in the breeding colonies of Carmine Bee-eaters near Zambezi Mubala Lodge and Camp! Every year in August the small bright red and blue migratory birds return from their winter sojourn in Equatorial Africa to the far north-east of

Gondwana Collection Namibia signs UNESCO Sustainability Initiative

All Gondwana Collection Namibia accommodations have signed the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge. The initiative, launched by UNESCO and the Expedia Group, strives to promote sustainable travel.

New official English website for Namibia as a travel destination

Namibia now presents a fresh new face on the internet for travellers and the travel industry. The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) launched its new official English-language website in Windhoek on 10 August 2022.

Namibia thanks Lewis Hamilton for his visit

Already a few days ago, a first photo caused a stir on social media. It showed Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton at the Hosea Kutako International Airport near Windhoek. From behind, hardly recognisable.

Sikereti Camp in Khaudum Park reopened

The South of the Khaudum National Park is once again available for overnight stays. This was confirmed by the co-operator of Sikereti Camp, Henry Fernandes, when asked by NamibiaFocus. According to the report, the camp was reopened to guests at the beginn

Swakopmund kick starts festivities for 130th anniversary

The Swakopmund municipality has officially launched the festivities for the commemoration of the town’s 130th anniversary on 4 August.

Cold front brings sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain to southern Namibia

A fierce cold front has hit the south and centre of Namibia and temperatures have dropped below freezing point in some areas. A low pressure area has caused freezing rain or hail in some areas. On the farm Orion on the D 804 about 90 km southeast of Malt

Conference on the Protection of Forests in Namibia

Namibia's forests are under threat. This was one of the key messages at a conference in Windhoek. Under the motto "The Future of Namibia's Forests", representatives of the Namibian government and experts from home and abroad discussed the problems and sol

Namibian economics to the point – July 2022

The month of July brought rather mild winter weather, which was a relief after a very cold June. The Namibian government has lifted all Covid-19 restrictions on 15 July and wearing of masks is not compulsory anymore. Daily updates on Covid infections w

Summit for Youth and Tourism in Africa

For the next three days, Windhoek will be the mecca for youth and innovative ideas around tourism and the travel industry in Africa. From today to Friday, the Safari Conference Centre will host the fourth Africa Youth in Tourism Innovation Summit (AYTIS)

Charitable support for Namibian school children

The Gondwana Care Trust, of the Namibian tourism company Gondwana Collection Namibia, runs a school bag project every year in which school children throughout Namibia receive sponsored stationery, food and hygiene products in a reusable bag.

Cheetahs relocated from Namibia to India

70 years after it was declared extinct there, the cheetah returns to India. Namibia will provide the first cheetahs for the reintroduction. This is provided for in an agreement between India and Namibia, which was signed yesterday in India by government r

Good fishing in Namibia's watery north-east

Fishing in Namibia? Really? Oh yes, apart from the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia's inland waters also have a lot to offer fishing enthusiasts - especially the rivers in the water-rich north-east of Namibia. With a little luck and skill, you can catch some real

Swakopmund celebrates 130 years on 4 August 2022

Namibia’s coastal town Swakopmund will be 130 years old on 4 August 2022 and it will celebrate this landmark in style. The official event will be held on the historic day of 4 August to mark 130 years of growth from strength to strength through German

Eurowings has Travel Vibes: Travel experts enthusiastic about Namibia

"In the morning hours, even before sunrise, you hear nothing - except maybe your own breath." This is how a travel expert describes one of her highlights on her trip to Namibia, which led to the Namib Desert. The trip was part of the seven-day "Travel

Game numbers on the rise in the Kalahari

The Gondwana Kalahari Park is recovering well from the last drought. According to the latest game census, the total number of game animals in the private nature reserve has increased by almost 50% within one year.

Eurowings will now fly to Namibia ten times a week

Eurowings Discover has recently started flying three days a week with two aircraft from Frankfurt to Windhoek. This weekend, the Lufthansa subsidiary increased the number of its weekly direct flights from seven to ten.

Namibian Economics to the Point – June 2022

June has brought unusually cold winter conditions for the Namibian interior while the Namib Desert and the coast endured warm to hot east wind weather. A new solar plant of 20 megawatt (MW) was inaugurated in the Erongo Region, while the South will soo

The Old Fort Museum in Grootfontein reopens

The town of Grootfontein in north-central Namibia has regained a tourist attraction. The Old Fort Museum is now open to visitors again - as long as they inform the museum of their attended visit beforehand. It had been closed since the lockdown in April,

Rhino protection intensified after recent poaching in Etosha National Park

Wildlife crime is a global problem, with criminal networks reaching across international borders and continents. Namibia has made remarkable progress in combating wildlife crime. The number of animals poached has decreased, and the number of successful ar

Namibian economics to the point - May 2022

Summary of the most important economic developments and events in Namibia in May 2022.

The Skeleton Coast, Namibia’s Wild Northwest

We set off from The Delight Swakopmund on a hazy day at the end of March, northwards towards Damaraland. Our destination is Palmwag Lodge & Camp, and we want to take our time along the notorious Skeleton Coast.

Urban gardens gain momentum in Namibia

While growing one’s own vegetables in the garden with some fruit trees adding to a more balanced diet was quite common until half a century ago, this good habit has disappeared to a large extend. Recently local authorities and Namibia’s development

Cape Cross Seal Reserve: A journey through time

The Namibian coast, where the hostile Namib Desert meets the roaring Atlantic Ocean, is fascinating in its own way. Shipwrecks and lonely dilapidated buildings bear witness to failed dreams; at the same time, the coast is a paradise for nature lovers, pas

Gondwana’s Namib webcam reaches over 200 000 subscribers

With 200 000 subscribers and over 1000 viewers from around the world at any one time, Gondwana’s webcam, positioned at the waterhole at Namib Desert Lodge, is outperforming many other webcams on the continent.

Namibian economics to the point - April 2022

Several areas of Namibia still received rainfall despite autumn approaching. The Kunene Region fortunately is one of the areas. The Namibian government has announced in mid-April that the existing Covid-19 regulations will remain in place until 15 May 20

Vaccination for Kudu antelopes in Namibia

One of the best known and most beautiful antelope species in Namibia is the kudu with the characteristic screwed antlers worn by the majestic bulls. The dainty female animals do not have antlers and this is why the large ears are particularly noticeable.

Namibian economics to the point – March 2022

A summary of the economic developments in Namibia in March 2022.

The BaTswana - Namibia’s smallest and forgotten tribe

After many years, the BaTswana cultural group of Namibia finally has a new leader. Chief Andrew Kgosiemang, was recently inaugurated as the new head of the BaTswana community.

Daily flights to Namibia with Eurowings

Daily from Frankfurt directly to Windhoek - that's what the German airline, Eurowings Discover is offering from next week Monday.

First car rental in Namibia adds hybrid rental cars to its fleet

Are you planning a self-drive trip through Namibia? Namibia2Go is the first car rental in the country to offer hybrid vehicles as from 1 April 2022. The demand for the off-road, eco-friendly Toyota Cross 1.8XS CVT HV is high.

Namutoni – from Cattle post to Battle ground and Tourist attraction

With its stark white walls, towers and arched gateways, Fort Namutoni is the focal point of the eponymous rest camp which is just 12 km from Von Lindequist Gate, the eastern gateway to the Etosha National Park.

Travel virtually to view Namibian wildlife

In the past two years travels have become quite restricted worldwide due to Covid-19. But there are digital alternatives to at least partly satisfy that travel bug for Namibia fans: webcams to watch wild animals at water holes in Namibia.

Discover the Land of the Aawambo

Owambo in north-central Namibia might not be on the travel itinerary of most Namibians or visitors to Namibia, but it is a fascinating part of the country. As soon as you cross into Owambo at the Oshivelo checkpoint you get the feeling that you have enter

Namibian economics to the point – February 2022

Good rains continued in the first half of February across most parts of Namibia, replenishing underground water aquifers and raising optimism for higher agricultural output. President Hage Geingob travelled to Europe to attend an ocean summit in France

Nehale lya Mpingana – Heroic Early Resistance Fighter

The death of Ondonga King Iitana yaNekwiyu on 16 September 1884 plunged the kingdom into a succession struggle which saw Prince Kambonde kaMpingana ascend to the throne on 27 September 1884. Tensions reached near-breaking point when his younger brother, P

Namibia is engaged in protecting the oceans

Namibian President Hage Geingob attended the first ever "One Ocean" summit, in Brest, France in early February. Climate change, pollution, overfishing as well as plastic waste endanger the oceans.

What do I need for a photo safari in Namibia?

The anticipated trip to Namibia is almost underway, clothes are packed, shoes and hat are ready, a sleeping bag for cold nights, the rental car is booked, the flight tickets are paid for...But is my mobile phone enough for the photos or should I buy a lar

Namibian economics to the point – January 2022

Most parts of Namibia received good rains in the second half of January, caused by effects of the tropical storm Ana, which had earlier hit Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique. The Hardap and the Neckartal dams in southern Namibia are now full. The firs

Chasing records at Lüderitz speed challenge

Something very special is an insider tip for everyone who loves breakneck top speeds at the coast - the "Speed Challenge" near Lüderitzbucht for windsurfers and kite surfers. Amateurs and international professionals sail away in a stiff breeze at over

The Am Weinberg Hotel joins Gondwana Collection Namibia

“We are excited to announce that the Am Weinberg Hotel will join the Gondwana Collection portfolio on 01 February 2022 in a management capacity,” says Gys Joubert, the CEO of Gondwana Collection Namibia. “We are honoured that there is so much trust

Termites - tiny architects of gigantic structures

In Namibia, the large, cone-shaped sand towers in the landscape are among the most popular objects for tourists to take souvenir photos with. Tiny creatures - small, beige-white termites that are only two centimetres long – with the exception of the que

Namibian economics to the point - December 2021

Many areas in Namibia are still waiting for rains after the northern and north-eastern parts received good showers in mid-December. Most industrial countries, that banned entry from Namibia and other countries in southern Africa end of November due to

Namibian economics to the point – November 2021

The warm summer weather prevailed throughout November with sporadic rainfalls across the country. The Namibian government announced at the climate summit in Glasgow in Scotland, that the ‘Hyphen’ consortium was the successful bidder to develop the cou

Join a Virtual Black Friday with Gondwana!

Black Fridays at Gondwana are back! This year, local, regional and international travellers can take part in our Black Friday Sale from wherever you are. You will be able to purchase vouchers for your next dream holiday in Namibia via PayToday.

Tracking devices for giraffes win international award

The tallest land animal in the world is the giraffe and the home range of this majestic species is the African continent. One cannot imagine that the long-necked giraffes moving gracefully across the plains of northwestern Namibia, browsing leaves from tr

Namibia optimistic about new green hydrogen industry

The global search for green and renewable energy sources is intensifying and green hydrogen is regarded as a promising solution. As northern countries scramble to secure hydrogen supplies from the southern hemisphere, Namibia has joined the race. The Nami

Namibian Economics to the Point – October 2021

The first notable rainfalls were recorded end of October. President Hage Geingob travelled to Scotland on 30 October to lead the Namibian delegation attending the climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow.

Quiver trees from Namibia put up for adoption

As guests explore the Canyon Village, a lodge situated in Gondwana Canyon Park in southern Namibia, they will come across clusters of curiously beautiful quiver trees along the way, thanks to a project launched by the Gondwana Collection that aims to pres

Namibia to showcase tourism and economy at Dubai Expo

The world expo starts on 1 October 2021 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Namibia will be among the 190 countries that will have an exhibition pavilion. Some 25 million visitors from all over the world are expected to come to the six month l

Namibian economics to the point – September 2021

September brought warm spring weather and the first few modest rainfalls. President Hage Geingob held several talks with investors in the USA, while he attended the United Nations’ general assembly.

Gondwana 7 - 7 Marathons, 7 Locations, 7 Days

Fascinating landscapes, sporting challenges, excellent organisation, warm Namibian hosts. All this is offered by the Gondwana 7, which takes place from 14 – 22 March 2022 in Namibia, tailor-made for running enthusiasts from all over the world: seven mar

The reel deal - fishing in the Zambezi Region

Gondwana Collection Namibia's Fishing Packages are tailor-made for the avid fishermen - spend the whole day on the river with an experienced guide and the prospect of a tigerfish, nembwe, or different species of tilapia (humpback, three-spot and redbreast

Namibian Economics to The Point - August 2021

A new subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, Eurowings Discover now connects Frankfurt with Windhoek five times a week. A local company, Fly Westair now flies to Rundu from Windhoek.

Namibia celebrates success at Tokyo Olympics

After 25 years, Namibia has finally won a medal again at the Olympic Games and the whole nation is happy about the 200m run by Christine Mboma, who is only 18 years old. Her teammate Beatrice Masilingi, also 18, ran her personal best time in the 200m fina

New attractive fly-in safari offers in Namibia

The new fly-in safari packages offered by Gondwana Collection Namibia in partnership with the airline FlyWestair make a trip to northern Namibia easier and more uncomplicated than ever before! Your oases of relaxation are the Zambezi Mubala Lodge or the O

Namibian Economics to the point - July 2021

July brought very cold temperatures in the inland and several spells of hot east wind weather along the coast. Covid-19 infections have significantly dropped in the second half of this month.

Earth walk – Slackpacking in the second largest canyon in the world

There are some bucket-list experiences in life - and if you are a hiker yet enjoy some creature comforts along the way - Gondwana’s Fish River Canyon trails may just top your list.

The return of the whales to Namibia’s coast

A splash of water suddenly rises, followed by loud snorting. As if out of nowhere, a large grey body rises out of the waves, turns in the air and hits the water surface.

Namibian Economics to the point - June 2021

During the cold weather in June, winter has firmly established itself in Namibia. After twenty years of absence, a Lufthansa passenger aeroplane has again landed at Hosea Kutako International Airport this month. Lufthansa has now resumed regular flights t

Home Sweet Home – The P.A.Y Centre empowers Namibian youths

At Physically Active Youth Namibia (P.A.Y), the hope is to instill purpose and discipline through a model resting on three overarching pillars: to provide quality education, equip learners with life skills and encourage physically active lifestyles.

Namibia Nature Parks are like no other

The Great Zambezi

In addition to the fauna and flora which is supported by the Zambezi River, there are in excess of a 100 different species of fish.

New guidebook on Namibia’s nature parks fills information gap

A beautiful new guide-book “Namibia Nature Parks” by local nature expert Helge Denker, provides the latest information on 22 state-protected parks, communal conservancies and some private nature parks in Namibia.

The Desert Grace impresses with its sustainability concept

The Desert Grace has reached the final round of the 2021 Sustainable Development Awards in the category ‘Private Sector Champions for Sustainable Development '. The award recognises sustainable approaches to management of energy, water and waste, and pa

Namibian economics to the point - May 2021

Winter in Namibia typically begins in May and the daytime temperatures have been quite pleasant this month, despite some chilly nights and cold early morning temperatures.

Memories we will relive again soon!

It seems too long ago to be able to spontaneously reawaken the feeling of Namibia. An ache so strong that it seems unattainable at the moment.

Boost for local and regional tourism

Two new developments Namibia’s Zambezi Region will promote tourism: a brand new bridge over the Zambezi River near the Kasane border post, where four countries have a joint border and a multi-million funding project for the region’s wildlife; and the

Green-tripping Namibia in the time of Covid-19: A travelogue from the heart - Life is nawa!

At every moment in this incredible adventure of life we have a choice. We are never stuck. In the upheaval of Covid-19 we have the choice to tune in to the fear and negativity that abounds on the planet at this time or to tune in to the immense natural be

Etosha Safari Camp, backdrop for filming of German TV Production ‘Das Traumschiff’

Gondwana Collection Namibia hosted a 40-member film crew for the German TV series ‘Das Traumschiff’ (The Dream Ship) at Etosha Safari Lodge & Camp for two days in April.

Small birds of prey in Namibia’s cities

Especially in drought years, many species of birds still find food in towns and settlements. The green oases provide shelter, food and water.

The largest, the smallest and the most threatened herons of Namibia

The big bird stands in the shallows motionless. It intently watches the water at its feet and waits patiently. Then, within a split-second, the long pointed beak lunges forward, water splashes and a large African sharptooth catfish is speared.

The masked birds of Namibia

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our daily lives, including the new custom everyone is still trying to get used to: wearing a mask in public.

The omnivorous Marabou Stork: old man in a tailcoat

Many people perceive the Marabou Stork as ugly or describe it as an old man wearing a tailcoat. Some call it the “undertaker bird”. The Marabou is a large member of the stork family, just under 1.5 metres tall, with a wingspan of more than 2.5 metres.

When nature goes haywire

Caged birds, such as budgerigars, are often given cuttlebone (the internal buoyant shell found in cuttlefish) for grooming their beaks. By using these ‘whetstones’, so to speak, birds can keep their beaks in shape and prevent that they become too long

Generally unknown: Namibia is an angler’s paradise

One doesn’t expect to find much fish in Namibia – after all it’s the driest country south of the Sahara. And yet a large number of Namibians make a living from catching fish.

Handle fish with care and respect

Passionate angler Henry Loubser has conducted angling safaris for 30 years. Fish, especially Namibia’s surf species, are near and dear to the former electrician who worked at the Rössing Uranium Mine.

Traditional fishing equipment: Ensuring a sustainable way to secure livelihood

In 2019, the rivers were low and fish species had difficulty to find appropriate and secure breeding grounds. There were no shallow waters in the flood plains to offer opportunities to hide and young fish had to stay in the mainstream where they became pr

Namibian economics to the point - April 2021

The summer is ending, bringing less rain, although the northwestern areas welcomed late, strong rains, which helped break the long drought of the Kunene- and northern parts of the Erongo Regions.

A small bird as a symbol of love and forgiveness

He is nimble, clever, cheeky. A feisty little guy who nevertheless tries to keep safe as far as possible.

Aerobatics, clownery and an amazing family tree

The Bateleur Eagle is probably the most colourful raptor in Namibia. Unfortunately, like everywhere in Africa, its numbers have dropped sharply – according to experts by 50 percent during the past three generations. In southern Africa the Bateleur is cl

Africa’s largest and rarest crane

Wattled Cranes are not often seen and they are not easy to spot. They are found on the vast flood plains of the Okavango and Chobe, on the countless islands in the Kwando River and on the wetlands of the Linyanti.

Blacksmith Lapwing

The Blacksmith Lapwing owes its name to the call it makes which sounds similar to a blacksmith shaping a glowing piece of metal on his anvil with a hammer.

A false entrance to the Cape penduline tit’s nest

Heavy gusts of wind are relentlessly battering the landscape. Trees and shrubs are blown back and forth for hours. Masses of camel thorn and white-thorn acacia pods clatter to the ground.

Fluffy little balls hovering above fresh green

Less than a metre from the bottom of dried-up Avis Dam on the outskirts of Windhoek, chirping little red and black balls of fluff seem to hover above the fresh greenery.

Namibia's best-known wake-up call in the bush

If they don’t hear the loud cackling of a Red-billed Francolin in the morning, many nature lovers feel that something is missing.

Research on Carmine Bee-eaters

Mark Boorman from Swakopmund and I ringed a total of 530 Carmine Bee-eaters of the breeding colony between Zambezi Mubala Camp (previously Island View Lodge) and Zambezi Mubala Lodge (former Kalizo Lodge) in September this year.

Scores of feathered visitors at Namibia’s coast

Starting in September, countless visitors from the northern hemisphere arrive at the Namibian coast each year. Some of them cover more than 10,000 kilometers to swap freezing temperatures in the north for the southern summer.

Dirt roads, desert & starlit dinner

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

Green-tripping Namibia in the time of Covid-19: The earth’s fruit-basket

Damara Mopane Lodge, twenty kilometres east of Khorixas and a smooth and easy drive from Etosha Safari Camp, is out-of-the-ordinary extraordinary.

Green-tripping Namibia in the time of Covid-19: Where rivers run

Today I let go of worry, cellphones, deadlines, social media and the rush of our daily lives and thoroughly immerse myself in the journey. I have a whole day to enjoy it and to travel down the infamous Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund. What more can anyone as

680 bird species in Namibia

According to the latest statistics no less than 680 different bird species are found in Namibia.

Coffee, cake and farm products on the road at Kwetu

On the way from the inland to the coast, the B2 is the most traveled road. What the highway service stations are for a stopover in Europe, the farm stall, padstal or the coffee shop along fulfills that role in Namibia and South Africa.

Green-tripping Namibia in the time of Covid-19: A travelogue from the heart

Canyon Roadhouse must be one of the very best reminders of the importance of humour and being light-hearted.

Namibian Economics to the Point - March 2021

Some parts of the country received fairly good rainfall in March, but the north-west is still plagued by the drought.

EKIPA jewellery, inspired by Namibia

EKIPA Jewellery & Art supplies both the local and international fashion industry with handcrafted jewellery that illustrate Namibia in a modern and fascinating way.

Desert Affection: A trip for two

As you float higher and higher into the sky on the desert breeze, the sun peeks out and illuminates the landscape below.

The dreamiest family holiday destination

"All I wanted to do was get back to Africa. We had not left it, yet, but when I would wake in the night I would lie, listening, homesick for it already.” – Ernest Hemingway

Namibia’s digital connectivity good for tourists

It is such a joy to stay in touch with your loved ones in this way and share your day’s adventures with them in pictures; after having encountered a herd of elephants or capturing that rare bird species you hoped to find in Namibia.

It’s omajowa time!

Sold along the roadside during the first few months of the year, the gigantic mushrooms provide an income for many in areas where there is little opportunity for work.

Namibian Economics to the Point – February 2021

In February it rained relatively well in Namibia and the sluices of some dams had to be reopened in between, some areas are still waiting for rain.

Nama music and dance included on UNESCO heritage list

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, (UNESCO) has recently inscribed traditional music and dance of the Nama-speaking community in Namibia on the ‘List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding’.

Namibian lodges and hotels implement hygiene concepts flawlessly

The accommodation facilities of the well-known Namibian tourism company, Gondwana Collection Namibia have adapted perfectly to the new reality. This was confirmed by Eco Awards Namibia, whose independent inspectors visited most Gondwana lodges and the Del

The Namibia I know

Growing up in Namibia, and from a young age getting to explore and learn to appreciate its different landscapes and impressive vastness, it always seemed to me that no other place could ever match the marvel and wonder found here.

Aspro: What's in a name?

The arbitrary farm names made more sense after reading it - that is if sense even comes into it. Rather than there being any heartfelt emotion involved in the name-giving, it was more a matter of assigning a myriad of names in a short time, as a formality

Hiking without luggage in the Fish River Canyon

Do you fancy an unparalleled adventure, such as a hike in the world's second largest canyon in Africa?

The forgotten stone tower of Outjo

Although today Outjo is considered the gateway to Etosha National Park, it was once considered the gateway to the North and to Kaokoland.

Namibian economics to the point – January 2021

Exceptionally good rainfalls have covered most parts of Namibia in January, especially the southern parts, where even the famous Sossusvlei and the Sesriem Canyon received water.

Buy a Toy, Bring Joy – Gondwana’s online shop supports Katutura’s artisan scene

The Narrative Online Shop is incredibly excited to launch a campaign in support of several Namibian community projects. Our aim is to bring Katutura artisan projects to the entire world!

Unique travel guide about north-central Namibia published

Many local travellers and those from abroad are often itching to travel further northwards than the King-Nehale-Gate at the north-eastern corner of Namibia’s famous Etosha National Park but did not dare to conquer the unknown so far off the beaten track

Climbing Spiegelberg

A prominent feature in the Fish River Canyon surrounds, the Spiegelberg pinnacle dominates the landscape. Towering above the peaks and plateaus that surround the Fish River valley between the Konkiep and Fish rivers, it is no wonder that it has fascinated

Into Kaokoland

Step into the more remote north-western corner of Namibia and experience the wild and exhilarating Kaokoland spirit . . .

Namibian economics to the point - December 2020

The rain urgently needed in Namibia only came at the end of the month, with showers falling in many parts of the country.

Duwisib Castle in southern Namibia - a rare sight

Namibia's sparsely populated south with the wide plains, where the travellers' eyes can wander almost to the horizon, inspire again and again on the way to Sesriem, Sossusvlei or the Fish River Canyon, and other sights.

Quiver trees and alternative energy at Canyon Village

Nestling at the base of a rocky mountain, Canyon Village brings to life the local Nama culture through the paintings on the walls, the donkey cart that takes guests’ luggage to their rooms and of course the staff.

Five exciting day-trips from The Delight Hotel in Swakopmund

Moon Landscape & Welwitschia Plains An easy 30km drive from Swakopmund takes you to one of the most spectacular desert vistas - the Moon Landscape. Here, a series of small hills, gullies and ridges create an intriguing desert-scape in a medley of eart

Enrich your Christmas with a warm African touch

Have you ever thought about celebrating Christmas in the Kalahari? In the sunshine, on warm, red dunes under a crystal clear sky?

The Narrative – Recollect your Namibian experience online

The Narrative is Gondwana’s newest venture – our very own Online Store for authentically Namibian products curated by local artisans and craftsmen.

Namibian economics to the point – November 2020

Hot summer weather prevailed during November with only little rainfall recorded. Weather experts however predict a good rainy season over the coming months.

Festus and the mysterious hermit of Sandwich Harbour

Tales of adventure and lost treasure are woven around the desolate coastline of Namibia, which early sailors avoided in favour of more promising shores.

Namibia Welcomes You To Enjoy Our Wide Open Spaces

Are you ready for a holiday?

New book describes rare plants in the Sperrgebiet

The Namib Desert, with its endless expanses and majestic sand dunes, is the oldest desert in the world. Although the extreme climate with intense heat during the day and cold nights as well as strong winds near the coast, suggests that very few living thi

The intriguing tale of Cape Cross

It was first visited by Europeans centuries ago when Portuguese explorers left their homeland for years at a time, braving the vast oceans in their small wooden vessels searching for resources and new trade routes to the East.

Namibian economics to the point – October 2020

In October 2020, the Namibian government announced the removal of some Covid-19 restrictions. Namibia’s state-owned Agricultural Bank has introduced a loan scheme, which is specifically tailored for women and youth to empower them. Diamond production dr

Chasing rainbows with Gondwana Collection 

After refreshing summer thunderstorms in Namibia, the heavens are often adorned with a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Namibia is a paradise for cave enthusiasts

Namibia has a large variety of activities to offer tourists and a special adventure is definitely a visit to the various underground caves. It is hardly known that the largest underground lake in the world is situated in Namibia.

Bogenfels: the rock arch of the Sperrgebiet

When I was growing up on a farm east of Windhoek in the late 60s, collecting post felt like collecting treasure because of the attractive stamps that were attached to the envelopes.

The spinach myth

Because chemist Erich von Wolf misplaced the decimal in his research in 1870, the health benefits of spinach were vastly exaggerated.

Road trip from Etosha King Nehale to Namushasha River Lodge

As we raised our glasses to a silent toast at the bar overlooking a waterhole in Etosha National Park, an elephant cow seemed to join in.

Namibian economics to the point - September 2020

Warmer spring weather prevailed during September with a few cool days in southern Namibia at month-end.

Padlangs: Living at the edge

When Gondwana Gondwana Collection Namibia bought its first pieces of land in the area bordering the Fish River Canyon in the late 90s, the area was bone dry after a severe drought.

Journey into the soul of the Namib  

– unearth treasures, starting at The Desert Grace  After entering Gondwana Namib Park, a trail of pink-rimmed road signs leads to The Desert Grace, like a map leading to treasure. 

Legacy of legendary Oukwanyama king still vivid

One of the major streets in Windhoek bears the name of a young, brave son of the soil, the legendary King Mandume ya Ndemufayo. His leadership, courage and tragic death are still very vivid in the oral and written history in Namibia and Angola.

Good news travels fast

Dear partners and friends, we are well-prepared for the return of international guests to Namibia and offer preferential services for a carefree Namibian experience.

Padlangs - The baobab toilet of Katima Mulilo

Who cannot be awed by the king of trees, the mighty baobab? The hollow centres of some of these majestic trees have been used for various purposes in the past.

The Cardboard Box Travel Shop offers Safe Travels in Namibia with Gondwana and OSH-Med International

Dear partners and friends, we are well-prepared for the return of international guests to Namibia and offer preferential services for a carefree Namibian experience.

Rinderpest: Death, Destruction and Opportunity

When I recently visited a friend who had moved into a new home in Windhoek, I found myself looking at the name Robert Koch Street and wondered, who was Robert Koch, and why did his name sound so familiar?

Swakopmund’s steam ox

Most visitors to Namibia’s popular coastal town are familiar with the old steam locomotive named ‘Martin Luther’ that is enclosed in a glass structure on its outskirts.

Namibian economics to the point – August 2020

The cold winter weather prevailed during August with a short stint of slightly warmer temperatures in the third week and a few rain showers brushing over the southern parts of Namibia.

De Pass: A story of pioneering and missed opportunity

in 1854, when much of Namibia remained unexplored and unknown to the western world, a man named Aaron de Pass arrived in Walvis Bay

Namibian tourism on the edge

Travel in Namibia goes back a long way. In the early days it was simply an essential survival activity. The nomadic hunters and gatherers of old followed the rain.

Namibia's lighthouses - still showing the way for seafarers

Beach, surf waves from the Atlantic, howling seagulls and the view over the endless sea, the silhouette of a ship disappearing on the horizon - for many visitors to the Namibian coast this is the epitome of vacation.

Padlangs: The first 4x4 in the world

Did you know that Namibia pioneered the use of 4x4 vehicles more than a century ago? In 1908 one of the first ‘all-wheel-drive’ vehicles was sent to German South West Africa for the German colonial secretary.

Namibian economics to the point – July 2020

Cold winter weather prevailed in the Namibian interior throughout July, while the coastal areas experienced warm east wind weather.

Old Prison building in Swakopmund popular among tourists

Among the historic buildings in the coastal town of Swakopmund, a well preserved, stately double-story building is very popular among tourists coming to Swakopmund for photos.

Gondwana’s Etosha Collection: Meet me at the waterhole 

As the scorching sun gradually turned into a gentle, skin-kissing touch, it was time to unwind at Okaukuejo’s waterhole – a peaceful, enriching favourite place ever since my childhood.

The Heroes‘ Acre – a dignified resting place

The "Heroes Acre" is the official war memorial of Namibia and is open to visitors of the public. It is under the administration of the National Heritage Council.

Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp - an arid land of milk and honey

A swarm of bees is on its way to its nest, which is a really amazing sight, since we are in the very dry Kaokoland in Namibia.

Namibian economics to the point – June 2020

Due to the difficult economic situation, companies started retrenching employees. The Bank of Namibia lowered its repo rate. Inflation at the end of May was 2.1 percent. The Fitch Ratings agency changed Namibia’s outlook from stable to negative.

Twyfelfontein – an ancient art gallery of rock engravings

Ancient rock paintings in Europe and Africa are popular tourist hotspots. In Namibia, a whole valley of astonishing rock engravings can be viewed at Twyfelfontein, UNESCO world heritage site.

Southern Namibia has interesting museums

Travelling through Namibia often leads to discoveries of unexpected hidden treasures such as small private museums that are certainly worthwhile a visit. In our third article on museums in Namibia, we journey south.

A gateway to the animal kingdom and the culture of the Aawambo

The newest addition to the Gondwana Collection Namibia, Etosha King Nehale, has opened its doors on 10 June 2020.

The Zambezi floodplains: A bird’s paradise

In the water and on trees, pink-backed pelicans can be seen in company of egrets and Yellow-billed Storks. In Namibia Pink-backed Pelicans occur in the Zambezi region.

Breeding ‘hotspot’ for seabirds supports guano production

Sunsets along the Namibian coast are quite spectacular, especially on sunny days, and are a lovely way to wrap up a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

Kalahari delicacies next to the road

Kalahari truffles can be found in sandy areas of the east of the country after good rains have fallen and preceding winter.

Namibian economics to the point - May 2020

Some parts of Namibia received their final rain showers in the first few days of May as winter slowly approached towards month end. The news Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi tabled the budget for the financial year 2020-21 in Parliament.

An all-round colourful spectacle along the Zambezi

Thousands of colourful Carmine Bee-eaters commenced their annual breeding season between Zambezi Mubala Lodge and the Zambezi Mubala Camp on the bank of the Zambezi

Fish patrols during lockdown

The Zambians were not only charged for illegally entering the country but also for violating the lockdown rules of the country, illegal fishing and illegal fishing with mosquito nets.

Theodor Rehbock, the father of the Neckartal dam

If one were to build a solid concrete wall one meter high and one metre wide from Cape Town past Keetmanshoop in the south of Namibia, one would need the same amount of concrete that was used to build the recently-inaugurated Neckartal dam west of Keetman

Padlangs: Spanish flu and lessons in time

Often when I’m traveling in southern Namibia on my way to Klein-Aus Vista lodge, I make a turn at the Commonwealth War Graves on the outskirts of Aus. Rows and rows of WW1 soldiers are buried there, many of whom died not from confrontation with the enem

Museums in central Namibia offer diverse attractions

Namibia is thinly populated with few towns relative to its vastness and natural landscapes. It is interesting that several towns have museums, often privately run and a visit is definitely worthwhile.

Current Life Along the Okavango River

Come rain or shine, whenever you venture to the Kavango region in the north-eastern part of Namibia, you are greeted with big, friendly smiles.

A Namibian Tale of Mixed Fortunes

In his life, Hermann Dietz had never achieved any great fame in Namibia. As a young teenager, aged 14 or 15, he left school and went to the Cologne area to learn the trade of bricklayer.

Namibia´s Father of Integrated Conservation: Garth Owen-Smith

Garth Owen-Smith passed away this morning, 11th April 2020 at the age of 76. He is seen as the Father of Integrated Conservation in Namibia.

Namibian economics to the point - April 2020

Good and widespread rains fell in April, even in some areas of southern Namibia. Most dam levels increased, with dams around Windhoek now being filled to over 80 percent capacity. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Namibia has also been under lockdown since 28

Museums in northern Namibia –definitely worth a visit

Namibia is not only known for its vast open spaces, abundant wildlife, scenic tourism hot spots but also the remarkable talent of its population to speak several local languages and easily switching between them.

Stargazing in Namibia –a growing tourist attraction

Tourism in Namibia is very diverse and in addition to photo safaris, hiking, ballooning, mountaineering or playing golf, many tourists can fuel their passion for geology, botany, insect science or stargazing, in our multifaceted country.

Padlangs - The flower lady of the North

Driving along the C41 from Okahao to Oshakati on Valentine’s Day, a bright roadside stall caught my eye. A selection of flower arrangements, gift baskets and red roses filled a table and a sign on the roadside wished passers-by a ‘Happy Valentine’s

Padlangs – Garub in the spotlight

Four young visitors to the country, now identified as French and Canadian citizens, spray-painted graffiti on the walls of the old Garub railway station, afterwards posting the photographs on their social media site.

European Roller: From Serbia to Namibia

It took Farmer Volker Dickhoff by surprise, when together with one of his employees; he was able to catch a European Roller on his farm near Otjiwarongo on February 28th of this year (2020).

Namibian economics to the point -March 2020

Good rains fell in many parts of Namibia in March, increasing the water levels of the dams, especially in the central parts of the country.

150 years of Namibia-Finland relations started in Ondonga territory

When travelling to Namibia’s famous Etosha National Park,why not also explore the northern areas beyond the King Nehale conservancy and another 100 kms or so to Ondangwa?

When the lilies appear, so does the red-spotted lily weevil

The black weevil with the 2 mm spots in bright red or orange climbs up the stem of a Sandhof lily (Crinum paludosum) without haste and starts to feed on the pedicel.

Namibia builds resilience to climate change

Climate change adaptation and mitigation is very costly and requires mobilisation of funds and a good oversight during implementation.

The one that digs with its teeth

After rainfall, when the land is wet, they start digging. The soil is loosened with the teeth and pushed backwards with the front legs.

Von Bach Dam sluices opened for the 5th time in 50 years

For only the fifth time ever, the sluices of the Von Bach Dam near Okahandja had been opened at 21.00 hours on Sunday 1st March 2020 to release water after the water level reach the 100 percent full capacity mark.

A visit to Namibia’s central north

Oshana, Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshikoto: the regions of central northern Namibia.

Namibian economics to the point – February 2020

Namibia has received widespread good rains in the second half of February, which also improved water levels of several dams.

Not a scorpion and no real spider

At the first glance they look scary. Because they represent two animal species that many people are unnecessarily afraid of and loathe: spiders and scorpions.

Padlangs – Rooftop camping: the way to a camper’s heart

These days, while travelling through our beautiful country, there is hardly a route where you will not see hired or private vehicles with rooftop tents, as well as the more sophisticated alu-cabs. Adventure travelling has come a long way.

Leucistic springbok ewe with normal coloured fawn

It is unusual to see a white springbok in the wild. It is even more unusual to see an adult leucistic animal because they cannot blend into the environment as the normal coloured ones.

Nocturnal boat trip to see Fishing Owl, Night Heron and company

It is an exceptional experience to see Namibia's largest owl – the Fishing Owl, also known as Pel's Fishing Owl.

Marvel at celestial bodies - meteorites in Namibia

The clear night sky over Namibia is always fascinating for tourists and locals. One can also see some shooting stars.

Rain makes Etosha come alive and bloom

Like the rest of Namibia, Etosha National Park starts to blossom again when the long-awaited rains finally arrive after several years of drought.

Crustose, foliose and fruticose lichens of the Namib Desert

A single head-sized rock is like a colourful miniature garden. Measuring just a few millimetres, the fragile orange-red fingers of the Namib Sun (Caloplaca elegantissima) seem to cling to the stone.

Padlangs: Meeting Isak !Aochamub & the tale of the vice grip

I met 80-year-old Isak !Aochamub at a service station in Outjo. With his dignified bearing and his advanced age, I guessed that he probably had a name from the Old Testament that he bore proudly like a badge.

The Marbled Emperor

After the first good rains from December to February they suddenly appear – in their hundreds. They are seen especially in places where strong sources of light remain switched on all night.

Namibian economics to the point - January 2020

Many parts of Namibia received good rains in the first half of January, including the northwestern Kunene Region and southern Namibia, with seasonal flows of several rivers.

Lions, leopards & other cats

The preparations for a trip to Africa are in full swing – poring over books and watching videos. Evenings are filled with nature documentaries and friends recount exciting safari experiences they had the previous year.

The only rider to complete all 15 Desert Dash races

Initially there were no solo races in the Desert Dash. The 350 kilometre mountain bike race from Windhoek across the Khomas Hochland and the Namib Desert to Swakopmund has turned into an internationally known annual event since it was first introduced in

Jojoba oil: liquid ‘gold’ from the Namib Desert

A new project has recently been launched in the Erongo Region. Valuable organic oil is obtained from the nuts of the evergreen jojoba plant

The Wild Horses of the Namib

‘There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.’ (Winston Churchill)

Fluffy little balls hovering above fresh green

Less than a meter from the bottom of dried-up Avis Dam on the outskirts of Windhoek, chirping little red and black balls of fluff seem to hover above the fresh greenery.

Padlangs - Upcycling in rural Namibia

I’m always inspired when driving around Namibia, a country that holds such an important place in my heart. Something that I always notice on my journeys is how innovative Namibians are.

Rhino custodians named Conservationists of the Year

25 years ago Namibia’s Black Rhino Custodianship programme was launched with the intention to increase the number of black rhinos by ensuring better protection against diseases, natural disasters and poachers.

In a nutshell: Update on Namibian tourism

If you’re in the tourism industry, you are often asked how Namibian tourism is doing in the present economic climate, with factors like our three-year drought and current financial woes.

Namibian artist at the Abidjan Green Art Biennale

The first Abidjan Green Arts Biennale, an art event in the Banco National Park in the capital of Côte d'Ivoire, focused on transient works of art by international artists in the midst of a rainforest.

Namibian economics to the point - December 2019

Widespread rains covering most parts of Namibia started in early December 2019 and continued over Christmas, causing several rivers to flow and replenishing low dam levels.

Fishing in Goanikontes: relaxation with a thrill

The coastal anglers set off for their recreational sport at Goanikontes Oasis immediately after work on Friday afternoon.

Brötchen- well-known and popular to eat in between

Elongated, with an indent and various colours defined by dough type and flour dusting, filled with cheese, cold cuts or even meatloaf – the ‘brötchen’.

"Coffee is like sex on the palate."

Pour water into the coffee machine, open the bag, spoon coffee into the filter and switch on the machine – it’s that simple. Even simpler: pour boiling water onto instant coffee.

Drought affects return of the Blue Cranes

The only green seen in Etosha National Park in northern Namibia is that of the mopane trees at present (end of November 2019). Not a single blade of grass is left, not even a dry one.

Invasive Prosopis trees a threat for nature and agriculture

Prosopis was introduced to Namibia more than a century ago. According to local tree expert Luise Hoffmann Prosopis chilensis was imported to then South West Africa in 1912 by the German botanist Kurt Dinter.

Aerobatics, clownery and an amazing family tree

The Bateleur Eagle is one of the most colourful raptors in Namibia. Unfortunately, its numbers have dropped sharply.

This colourful Bateleur Eagle determinedly walks along a waterhole to drink some more at another spot.

The elements are unpredictable, but that does not matter because all cyclists are in the same boat. (Or saddle in this case? Let’s make that a peloton…) The team simply focuses on what they know.

Namibian economics to the point - November 2019

After a five-year pause, Namibia will start exporting game meat in due course targeting the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom as markets.

Caution – Animals on the road

Animals are unable to judge the speed of an approaching vehicle and often take flight too late – with fatal consequences. And they do not know traffic rules.

Namibia plans future water supply

Namibia has experienced an increase in natural disasters in recent years with northern areas having to cope with floodwaters in 2008-09; and the drought since 2016 is proof of the opposite extreme.

Khaudum: In the stranglehold of drought

No water for the animals, a lack of fuel for pumps and vehicles, a lack of finances, a lack of staff and difficult terrain – these are the challenges that nature conservation officials have to cope with in Khaudum National Park.

Fish stocks at risk – nets need to be banned

Legal and illegal networks are threatening the fish stocks in Namibia’s rivers and reservoirs. There are regulatory laws, but control is lacking.

Namibian economics to the point – October 2019

The first measurable rains in the new rainy season fell in the first half of October with several thundershowers in the northeast later in the month.

Africa’s largest and rarest crane

Wattled Cranes are not often seen and they are not easy to spot. They are found on the vast flood plains of the Okavango and Chobe, on the countless islands in the Kwando River and on the wetlands of the Linyanti.


Seeing a leopard in the wilds tops the list of most people heading into the wilderness. It is a secretive, solitary and mainly nocturnal cat – factors which make it extremely difficult to see.

Meeting the Okahandja woodcarvers . . .

All travellers en route from Windhoek to Swakopmund or to the north via Otjiwarongo pass the town of Okahandja, and the first turnoff takes you to the well-known Okahandja woodcarvers’ market.

A small bird as a symbol of love and forgiveness

He is nimble, clever, cheeky. A feisty little guy who nevertheless tries to keep safe as far as possible.

Meeting Namibians on the journey from Swakop to Palmwag and Epupa . . .

The journey from Gondwana’s Delight hotel in Swakop up the famed Skeleton Coast to Palmwag and then northwards to Omarunga-Epupa Falls Lodge provided a wealth of spectacular landscapes and fascinating stops.

Water for hippos, other wild animals and cattle

At the end of August, after returning from the CITES conference in Geneva, Namibia's Minister of the Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, visited a waterhole in the dried up Chobe River

Termites – doing earthworm work in arid areas

Worker termites industriously carry dry plant material to a small hole in the ground. Others climb onto the few blades of grass and cut them into pieces of two to three centimetres long, ready to be taken into the subterranean nest of the colony.

On the road again - Into Kaokoland

Travelling via the Skeleton Coast from Swakopmund to Palmwag and Epupa Falls elicits a thrill of excitement. It ticks all the boxes for the adventurous at heart and adds a couple more . . .

A passionate rendezvous in the north – where the Chobe and the Zambezi meet

A passionate rendezvous unfolds in the north of Namibia where the Chobe River and the Zambezi River come face to face.

Cold Benguela Current provides abundant fish resources

The Namibian coast is known for its abundance of fish and this is due to a cold ocean current running from south to north near the mainland.

Echoes in the dunes - An exhibition based on ancient African tales

The Fine Art Gallery in Swakopmund will host an entrancing exhibition called Echoes in the Dunes, comprised of three contemporary artists’ work from 6 September to 6 October 2019.

Botswana descendants of Nama hero Simon Kooper revive their culture

The small village of Lokgwabe in Botswana held its annual Nama cultural festival in late August 2019 which was a great success.

Namibian economics to the point – August 2019

The winter month of August was unusually mild and also provided long spells of hot east wind weather for the coastal areas, including sand storms.

H.E.S.S. Telescope in Namibia explores universe

Namibia's clear night skies away from the larger cities are internationally known among hobby astronomers and certain guest farms often have a telescope ready for them.

Part-time engineer, full-time royalty: The new Ondonga king

Part-time aircraft engineer. Full-time royalty. This is not the kind of job description one sees on a CV every day.

Celebrating the Ûiba-Ôas crystal market

A hundred kilometres east of Swakopmund on the B2, at the turnoff to Spitzkoppe and Henties Bay, is a gemstone market of note. An array of sparkling stones - fluorite, tourmaline, aquamarine, crystal quartz, garnets and topaz - fill the tables.

Meeting the Riemvasmakers of Namibia

On the way to Palmwag from Damara Mopane Lodge near Khorixas, I stopped in at the small settlement of Vrede. Vrede looks like any other settlement along the route, but its residents have a very interesting history.

A special ‘house in a house’

Namibia, the driest country south of the Sahara, is struggling with water shortages at regular intervals.

Namibia’s surf fish species from up-close

Surf fish must be handled with the utmost care, Van Niekerk emphasizes, and not only so that they survive in captivity. Sport and recreational anglers also need to treat the fish gently.

Swakop vellies – handmade shoes from the Namibian coast

Two pieces of leather and a rubber strip made into a comfortable shoe - this handcraft has become an international trademark of the Swakopmund family business of Herbert Schier.

Snakes abandoned at the front door – Snake Park has new owner

The Swakopmund snake park currently houses some 60 snakes as well as chameleons, geckos, agamas and scorpions.

A rhino rubs itself against brand new Namibia2Go car

A grazing white rhino chose “to cuddle” with their rental cars and damaged the bodywork in the process.

Kaross production – a traditional craft

Tourists travelling to southern Namibia by road often wonder about some beautifully crafted animal-hide products hanging on a farm fence next to the road just 20 km before the small village of Kalkrand, south of Rehoboth.

New book supports the conservation of Carmine Bee-eaters

The bird lover and hobby photographer Pompie Burger launched his latest book tonight (20 June) in Windhoek.

Café Anton – More than Black Forest gateau

Many travel writers rave about the Black Forest gateau at Café Anton in Swakopmund and about the amazing fact that the most German of all cakes is available in Africa.

The E-powering 7-Rivers Journey of Discovery reaches the Kunene!

Having ridden 2120km on his e-bike, Steve Galloway has reached Epupa Falls on the Kunene River, the halfway point of his journey.

Namibian economics to the point – September 2019

September saw the departure of winter weather except for a short cold spell at month-end. The first few rain clouds appeared, raising hopes for the rainy season to start soon.

President of UN General Assembly visits Namibia

The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Dennis Francis visited Namibia for the upcoming UN Summit.

President of UN General Assembly visits Namibia

The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Dennis Francis visited Namibia for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future in September.

President of UN General Assembly visits Namibia

The President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Dennis Francis visited Namibia in preparation for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future in September.

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