The Ugab River

The Ugab River forms the border between the West Coast Recreation Area and the Skeleton Coast Park, and as with most other ephemeral Namib rivers, large and small, the Ugab flows through that park. Before reaching the Skeleton Coast the Ugab flows just north of the Brandberg Mountain (the highest mountain in Namibia), travelers in 4x4's sometimes enter the river bed at this point for day trips up the river, caution is advised as the sand is thick and even in the driest season there are numerous marshy areas where it is easy to become bogged down - help can often be days in arriving so be prepared.

Lion, hyena, gemsbok, desert elephant and a variety of other antelope visit the Ugab River, adding interest, (and some excitement no doubt!) for walkers on the Ugab River Hiking Route. This 50km trek, crosses the coastal plain, climbs into hills, and follows a double loop through lichen fields, past caves, natural springs and unusual geological formations. (Hikers must provide and carry their own food and camping equipment). The less energetic might prefer a birds eye view of the goings on of the river on a Skeleton Coast (Ugab River) scenic flight.

Rivers of Namibia Wildlife of Namibia

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