The Swakop River

Traversing the Namib-Naukluft Park, the Swakop River has two major dams in its upper reaches, that supply water to Windhoek. (The Goreangab Dam and The Von Bach Dam) When the river flows, it is mainly from its main Namib tributary, the Khan River. It has a small lagoon at its mouth that comes and goes depending on the strength and types of floods.

The Swakop, a large river, supports riparian vegetation composed of large trees and shrubs, even close to the coast. Ana trees, camelthorn and tamarisks form impressive stands in the river, providing shade, food and shelter for animals and people. Also found in the dry riverbed are herbaceous plants, which due to the higher water supply, grow much bigger and often almost shrub-like. The Swakop River also serves as the southernmost boundary of the National West Coast Tourist Recreation Area.

At the mouth of the Swakop river lies the town of Swakopmund, which means mouth of the Swakop River. This pleasant coastal town is very popular as a holiday destination.

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