The Koichab River

The Koichab River flows westwards at the southern end of the Namib Desert sand sea. Dunes have blocked its surface flow to the sea and its episodic floodwaters are trapped in the Koichab Pan. The groundwater comes to the surface at Anichab, near the coast, where mankind and the animal kingdom have utilized this source for centuries. Lappet-faced vultures nest in camelthorn trees in the river, as well as providing shelter from the blazing sun for gemsbok and springbok.

A variety of birdlife survive in the most inhospitable of areas, including southern pale chanting goshawks, lanner falcons, greater kestrels and black crows. Mice, gerbils and small reptiles seek refuge in smelly shepherds-bushes, euphorbia and ganna.

Rivers of Namibia Wildlife of Namibia

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