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African Bullfrog

African Bullfrogs are often eaten in rural communities.

Angolan Reed frog

Angolan Reed frogs typically inhabit rivers and streams in savannahs.

Banded Rubber frog

Features of Banded Rubber frogs include elongated and flattened bodies.

Beaded Sand frog

Beaded Sand frog's (Tomopterna tuberculosa) have small round warts.

Bocage's Sharp-Nosed Reed frog

Features include an elongated body and pointed snout.

Bocage's Tree frog

Typical habitats are usually in savannah and open woodland.

Boettger's Caco

Habitats include Nama Karoo, succulent Karoo, thicket and grassland.

Broad-Banded Grass frog

To avoid danger, they with jump away from water when disturbed.

Bubbling Kassina

Bubbling Kassinas are usually found in grassland.

Bushveld Rain frog

They have characteristic hardened, horny projections on each heel.

Common Platanna

The Platanna are found below water in pools, dams and vleis.

Common Riverfrog

Common Riverfrogs were first recorded in Angola.

Damaraland Pygmy toad

They occur in seasonal water bodies within their distribution range.

Damaraland Sand frog

Damaraland Sand frogs inhabit arid wooded savannah.

Darling's Golden-Backed frog

This species is never far from dams, streams or vleis.

Desert Rain frog

Desert Rain frogs have a stout body with short legs.

Dombe Pygmy toad

Dombe Pygmy toad's have flattened and slender bodies.

Dwarf Grass frog

Dwarf Grass frogs can be observed in savannah woodlands and grassland.

Dwarf Puddle frog

They have small bodies, with a fleshy, pointed snout.

Eastern Olive toad

Features include a thickset body, large eyes and a blunt snout.

Flat-Backed toad

Flat-Backed toads favour shallow, or slow-moving water bodies.

Giant Bullfrog

When the Bullfrog is disturbed it will blow itself up and attack.

Guibe's Grass frog

These grass frogs head for tufts of grass when disturbed.

Guinea Shovel-Nosed frog

They inhabit temporary pans formed in the rainy season.

Gutteral toad

Gutteral toads are so called because of their deep, throaty calls.

Hoesch's Pygmy toad

Hoesch's Pygmy toad occur in very dry areas with rocky outcrops.

Karoo Caco

Karoo Caco are restricted to habitats associated with dry Karoo.

Kavango Pygmy toad

The call of Kavango Pygmy toads is a series of short buzzes.

Knocking Sand frog

Knocking Sand frogs occur in a variety of habitats.

Lemaire's toad

Features include a large body, with a narrow, pointed head.

Long Reed frog

Long reed frogs have long and prominent noses.

Mapacha Grass frog

Mapacha Grass frogs were first found in the Mapache area.

Marbled Rubber frog

Marbled Rubber frog have flattened, elongated bodies and small eyes.

Mascarene Grass frog

Mascarene Grass frogs were first identified in the Mascarene Islands.

Mottled Shovel-Nosed frog

Mottled Shovel-Nosed frogs inhabit marshy grounds.

Muller's Platanna

Tropical savannah is their favoured habitat.

Namaqua Caco

Namaqua Caco are named after Namaqualand.

Northern Pygmy toad

They inhabit bushveld vegetation and are associated with rocky outcrops.

Ornate frog

They are a squat, heavily built amphibian that is attractively marked.

Peter's Platanna

Peter's Platanna are named after the herpetologist, W.C.H. Peter's.

Plain Grass frog

Plain Grass frogs inhabit savannah, open woodland and suburban areas.

Sharp-Nosed Grass frog

They have powerful hind legs with a distinctively pointed snout.

Sharp-Nosed Reed frog

Sharp-Nosed Reed frogs have narrow, pointed snouts.

Small Puddle frog

Features include a small body and a stubby looking snout.

Snoring Puddle frog

Snoring Puddle frogs are so called for their slow snoring calls.

Speckled-Bellied Grass frog

Speckled-Bellied Grass frogs favour deep permanent water.

Spotted Rubber frog

Spotted Rubber frog are often confused with the banded rubber frog.

Southern Foam Nest frog

Southern Foam Nest frog inhabit seasonal or permanent water bodies .

Tandy's Sand frog

Their habitat range is wide and they are most common in Nama Karoo grassland.

Tremelo Sand frog

Tremelo Sand frogs favour most habitats in grassland and savannah.

Western Olive toad

They usually occur around vleis and pans associated with thornveld savannah.

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