Sand veld acacia

Sand veld acacia: The sand veld acacia (Acacia fleckii) is a tree or a shrub often reaching 5m high. The northern and central areas of Namibia provide both rocky outcrops and sandy soils, ideal habitats for this plant. Sandy plains associated with the north-west region of the Namibian Kalahari Desert, the Kunene and Kavango regions as well as the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) are included in the range.

Features include pale yellow to white flowers that bloom from November to March, pale green leaves and a grey-white to pale yellow bark. A straw-coloured, stalked pod will split open when ripe to reveal fruit. Leaves and bark are eaten by small livestock. Branches are used in fence and gate posts for kraals. Owambo people use the bark as a type of rope. An edible gum seeps out slowly from the tree.

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