Fish Fish


Blackberry Rosefish

Blackbelly rosefish are also called jacopever.

Bigeye Tuna

Thunnus is Greek name for 'tuna' and obesus means 'fat'.


It is also referred to as the Dassie and as white bream.


One of the fiercest marine predators due to very sharp teeth.

Cape Anchovy

One of the most fished species in southern African waters.

Cape Salmon

A common shoaling fish, found in waters as deep as 100m.

Cape Silverside

It is a common fish, endemic to coastal and estuarine waters.

Cape Yellowtale

A torpedo-shaped gamefish, renowned in southern Africa.

Cutlass Fish

Dense shoals of cutlassfish make them vulnerable to capture.


Their name relates to their resemblance to the dolphin.

Elephant Fish

So called because of a downward projecting trunk-like lobe.

Frigate Tuna

So-called through their association with feeding frigate birds.


This is the national fish of South Africa, a game fighter.


It is one of Namibia's premier fish food sources in restaurants.

Horse Mackerel

Horse mackerel are also known as maasbanker or scad.


A plump looking fish found in both shallow & deep-water reefs.

Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin

It is one of the ocean's most superb angling fish.


They are also known as kob, daga or drum.


This is one of Namibia's finest eating fish.

Longfin Tuna

It is one of the most widespread species of tuna.


Japonicus is from Japan where they were first described.

Maned Blenny

It can survive out of the water as it retains oxygenated water.


Pilchards are also known worldwide as sardines.

Red-Eye Sardine

It is derived from its changing appearance, once captured.

Sand Steenbras

They prefer sandy habitats and in particular shallow water.


Sailfish have a distinctive long, spear-like snout.


A saury is a common species in the open ocean waters.


So-called because of their habit of 'skipping' along the surface.

Southern Mullett

Southern mullets are also known as harders.


One of the only fish to change sexes during their lifespan.

Spearnose Skate

Its body is almost quadrangular in shape.

Target John Dory

Common in deep water, they slowly swim head on to prey.


Tasselfish are also known as baardman or croakers.

Twotone Fingerfin

are Also known as butterfish because of their rich, palatable flesh.

Westcoast Steenbras

Westcoast steenbras are a sought after sport and table fish.

White Sea Catfish

Has poisonous spines, requiring immediate medical attention.

White Stumpnose

It is a popular sport fish, caught at best on very dark nights.

Yellowbelly Rockcod

They are one of the larger member of the rockcod family.

Yellowfin Tuna

They are a large and superb gamefish found near the surface.

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