Masked Crab

Introduction: Masked crabs (Nautilocorystes ocellata) have unusually large antennae, which are not quite as long as the body. These crabs dig backwards into sheltered sandbanks with only the long antennae on view. As the antennae are lined with hairs that interlock, a tube can be formed down which water is drawn. The tips of the legs are depressed and other features include a carapace which is longer than it is wide and 4 marginal teeth.

Distribution: The mouth of the Orange River north towards Luderitz and further along the coast of Namibia.

Diet: Very small sea particles

Colouration: 4 grey blotches on the carapace

Breeding: Planktonic larvae are transformed from hatched eggs

Max size: 35mm

Marine life of Namibia Wildlife of Namibia

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