Kurrichane Buttonquail

Introduction: The Kurrichane buttonquails (Turnix sylvaticus) are so called because of the woods and trees in a savannah habitat they can be found. (sylvaticus is the Latin word for woods and trees). They can also be observed in areas of scrub, palm scrub and thickets.

Distribution: Etosha National Park, Caprivi and scattered populations throughout central and northern Namibia.

Diet: Insects such as ants, small seeds are foraged in short grass and roadsides.

Description: Walks slowly on tiptoe accompanied by jerky steps. Pairs roost together.

Breeding: Not surprisingly for such a small bird, females lay between 2 and 4 eggs between January and July, peaking in February. The incubation period is only 12 to 15 days. Young quails are able to fly after 12 days.

Size: 14 to 16cm.

Weight: 35g.

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