Narina Trogon

Introduction: The Narina trogon (Apaloderma narina) inhabits evergreen lowland and mountain forest woodland as well as riverine forest in savannah. They can be found in gardens in well-wooded suberbs. Narina is a Khoikhoi name for a beautiful young girl.

Distribution: Scattered populations in the Caprivi only.

Diet: Small vertebrates are gleaned from leaves and small branches. Caterpillars are softened before being consumed and they also eat cicadas, tree grasshoppers, spiders, beetles and moths. They occasionly eat skinks and chameleons.

Description: Short, rounded wings and a long tail. Their bills are short, but broad at the base often brightly coloured.

Breeding: Nests are in natural tree cavities or holes dug in decayed tree stumps or in occupied nests of tree living termites or wasps. Incubation and nestling is the responsibility of both sexes.

Size: 29 to 34cm.

Weight: 67g.

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