Verreaux's Eagle Owl

Introduction: Verreaux's eagle owl (Bubo lacteus) prefer a habitat of arid savannah and woodland and riparian woodland and forest. They can be observed perching in dense, leafy tree plantations along watercourses, sometimes flying down to bathe, but rarely to drink.

Distribution: Scattered populations can be found in the north and central regions of Namibia including Etosha National Park and the Caprivi.

Diet: Termites, beetles and warblers to half-grown vervet monkeys, sectretarybirds, hedgehogs, reptiles and frogs. Bushbabies, fruit bats and other large birds such as Pel's fishing owl are also taken.

Description: Lacteus is the Latin for 'milky white'. Often confused with the spotted eagle-owl which is much smaller and a darker grey colour.

Breeding: Sometimes uses power pylons built in grasslands as nesting sites.

Size: 60cm.

Weight: 1.7kg.

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