Swamp Nightjar

Introduction: Swamp nightjars (Caprimulgus natalensis) can adapt to moist or dry grasslands that are next to swamps, lagoons, vleis, rivers and other notable water bodies, hence the name. Floodplains and grasslands associated with lala palms are another favoured habitat area. They roost on the ground under cover and are active at dawn and dusk, particularly at night. Sitting on roads and perched from posts and bare shrubs is a feature of swamp nightjars.

Distribution: North-east Namibia in the Caprivi notably the Chobe River, Victoria Falls, Zambezi River.

Diet: Butterflies and beetles and flying insects.

Description: Typical nightjars with little or no distinctive characteristics.

Breeding: Females lay 2 eggs with chicks cared for by both adults. Eggs are laid on bare sand or clay, flattened grass or in fairly short, dense grassland.

Size: 23cm.

Weight: 65g.

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